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17. By Tristan Brindle on 2008-09-13

Moved GTK and D-Bus interfaces into their own directories/submodules.

Fairly major UI change: removed the separate video and audio quality
sliders and replaced them with a single combobox with 5 basic options.
Very Gnome. Added an "advanced" window, which will one day have lots of
options added to it.

But no, you still can't actually convert anything...

16. By Tristan Brindle on 2008-09-11

In large part, a complete re-write. The new features:

1) A new model/view type architecture allowing multiple user interfaces

2) Because of the above, the beginnings of a command-line interface

3) And the beginnings of a D-Bus one, too

4) The old, hard-coded choice of Theora, Dirac and Vorbis replaced by an
all-new, snazzy, user-definable XML-based profile system, offering the
choice between, um, Theora, Dirac and Vorbis.

5) Some glade experimentation

Known regressions:

1) It doesn't actually transcode anything, in any way, shape or form.

15. By Tristan Brindle on 2008-01-17

* Added a check for Matroska at startup to remove an unintended
dependency on gst-plugins-good

* Fix an occasional type error on file completion (actually, this was in
the last revision but I forgot to note it there)

* Include the latest translations from Launchpad: added cs, fi, ms, oc,
pt, uk, zh_CN

* Update Changelog and Readme

Barring any unforeseen problems, this is 0.3.1

14. By Tristan Brindle on 2008-01-14

* Added Schro quality setting (thanks to David Schleef). Closes #180228

* Use urllib to unescape the URIs that gtk.FileChooser gives us. Closes

* As new versions of gst-plugins-base and gst-ffmpeg (take your pic)
offer reasonable support for the FLV container, add
"application/x-flash-video" as a special case under Video and All Files
in the file selector. Closes #155023

* Don't actually init anything in __init__.py, because apparently that
breaks stuff (!). Added a new file ocv_init.py instead. Closes #175770

* Minor cleanup in ocv_transcoder.py

13. By Tristan Brindle on 2007-11-24

Gah. Reverse the change setting the default width. GTK sucks.

Okay. THIS is 0.3.0. Promise.

12. By Tristan Brindle on 2007-11-24

Updated changelog, readme, and todo files for release. Updated to latest
Launchpad translations, added Dutch.

Set the minimum window width (back) to 360px, because I think it looks
better this way.

Don't display time remaining for the first three seconds, as we get
crazy numbers during this time (as GStreamer often likes to report a
negative stream position which messes things up).

And that's it: this is 0.3.0.

11. By Tristan Brindle on 2007-11-21

Various housekeeping changes to get ready for release. Lots of
files moved around, and a few extra ones brought into bzr. Imported
translations from Launchpad.

This is a release candidate for 0.3.0.

10. By Tristan Brindle on 2007-11-20

Added support for converting from non-local sources such as SSH or HTTP
if Gnome-VFS is supported by GTK and GStreamer (but pygnomevfs is not
required, or indeed used).

9. By Tristan Brindle on 2007-11-19

New media checker working, quite nicely I think. Slightly faster than
the old discoverer, and hopefully with fewer problems with e.g. flv

The transcoder is now connected to the GUI the "proper" way, i.e. using
gobject callbacks. The way the timing is done is now much more accurate.
Shame the method of predicting time remaining (assuming completely
linear encoding progress) still sucks, but there we go.

Removed the "stall warning" dialogue, since (a) it was really badly
worded, (b) all the translators had a hard time with it, and (c) 99% of
the time it was a false alarm anyway.

Nearly ready for a 0.3.0 release I think...

8. By Tristan Brindle <tristan@jetengine> on 2007-11-19

Lots of little changes to bring OggConvert mostly inline with
OggConvert++ (except for the new media checker)


* ocv_gtk.py split into ocv_main.py and ocv_in_progress.py
* ocv_gst.py split into ocv_transcoder.py and ocv_media_checker.py
* Lots of tidying up of messy functions in ocv_main
* The media checker is now callback-based. It still blocks the UI, but
at least it doesn't *look* like it blocks the UI any more ;-). It's
still using the discoverer at the moment, but that will change
* Brought A. Bram Neijt's OggConvert icon into the source tree and use
it as the main icon for the app.
* The URL in the About dialogue is now clickable, opening a new browser
tab. I know how important this is.
* Minor change to the way the time remaining is displayed.
* Audio options are greyed-out when a video-only file is selected, and
* Use the extension ".ogv" for Ogg video files (both Theora and Dirac),
in accordance with the new Xiph.org guidelines. Fixes bug #160054.

Still to do:

* Port the OggConvert++ media checker to Python
* Get the transcoder to send out "paused" and "playing" signals which
the GUI can listen for.
* Investigate whether we can support Gnome-VFS for input/output without
depending on it (which I don't want to do)
* Bring in all the translations for Launchpad.
* Release 0.3.0
* Party like it's 1999.

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