Code review comment for lp:~townsend/libunity/fix-search-hint-localization

Christopher Townsend (townsend) wrote :

Hi Michal,

Ah, I forgot about this MP:) No worries!

Based on your review comment, are you saying that X-Ubuntu-Gettext-Domain would be an optional field in any .scope file? It's not clear to me if it should be, but it seems like it is always included in the .scope files and in the .lens files in 13.04. I assumed it was required based on 13.04 and seeing that all .scopes files in '100 scopes' have it included.

If it is required, then I think the code I have in place now should be used since it would be a failure if it's not there. If it's supposed to be optional, then yeah, I need to add some logic to handle the cases where it's not there.

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