Created by Juanje Ojeda on 2008-08-01 and last modified on 2008-08-14

We try to develop here a new request feature for give to Hamster a D-Bus interface so he could export it and communicate with the desktop and other applications.

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347. By Juanje Ojeda on 2008-08-14

  toms.baugis 2008-08-13 fixes bug 547554 - focusing issues

346. By Juanje Ojeda on 2008-08-12

  patrys 2008-08-12 - fix bug #547459
    juanje.ojeda 2008-08-12 - Changed Recommends depend on debian control file from obsolete python-evolution to python-gnome2-desktop.
    juanje.ojeda 2008-08-12 - Uncommented variable to bring back the distcheck.

345. By Juanje Ojeda on 2008-08-12

  juanje.ojeda 2008-08-11 - Deleted non more needed X11 and xss depend. Now we use dbus to detect the Screensaver

344. By Juanje Ojeda on 2008-08-11

Taken off some cheking for gconf key for dbus which was already taken away

343. By Juanje Ojeda on 2008-08-11

  juanje.ojeda 2008-08-11 - Added python-gconf as a Debian/Ubuntu depend. This is necessary for hamster/Configuration.py on running time
    juanje.ojeda 2008-08-11 - Added python-dbus as a Debian/Ubuntu depend. This is necessary for hamster/idle.py on running time
    juanje.ojeda 2008-08-11 - Added python-evolution as 'Recommends' depend for eds module and evolution interoperativity
    juanje.ojeda 2008-08-11 - Added some extra checks for automake
    juanje.ojeda 2008-08-11 - Updated original strings to translate on po files
    patrys 2008-08-11 - fixed an ugly typo, sorry mate
    patrys 2008-08-10 - don't die if screensaver is not running
    patrys 2008-08-10 - drop have_idle checks as we not don't ship C code
    patrys 2008-08-10 - fix bug #546845
    patrys 2008-08-10 - replace the C XSS-based idle module with Python DBus-based one
    patrys 2008-08-07 - fix the comments
    patrys 2008-08-07 - add missing licenses as per Ubuntu's request
    patrys 2008-08-07 - argh, vim inserted tabs, revert to spaces
    patrys 2008-08-07 - work around bug #546825
    patrys 2008-08-06 - use 'Time Tracker' as 'Applet' is a technical word
    patrys 2008-08-06 - change UI to show 'Time Tracking Applet' as discussed on desktop-devel-list

342. By Juanje Ojeda on 2008-08-11

Deleted gconf checking for dbus enabling

341. By J. Félix <jfontanon@thetroll> on 2008-08-09

Added d-bus "fact" tracking feature through new d-bus method and signal

340. By Juanje Ojeda on 2008-08-06

Added conf key for activating dbus interface

339. By Juanje Ojeda on 2008-08-06

Changed dbus PATH to be a GNOME one

338. By Juanje Ojeda on 2008-08-05

Added missing file in hamster/Makefile.am

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