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ba0f4aa... by Thomas Bechtold on 2017-06-28

Fix tests for older timezone versions

This improves the fix from commit c00dbe290b .

c00dbe2... by Stuart Bishop on 2017-03-30

Fix tests for 2017a tz abbreviation changes

d803663... by Stuart Bishop on 2017-03-30

Bump version numbers to 2017.2/2017b

46f5d0c... by Stuart Bishop on 2017-03-30

IANA 2017b

2f536c2... by Stuart Bishop on 2017-03-30

Squashed 'tz/' changes from 637ef18..e823b06

f8ebe3a Release 2017b
ed158c6 Haiti resumes DST this year
d582a6e Fix Liberia 1972 transition and pre-1972 abbr
fa1185f Fix dead ISO links

git-subtree-dir: tz
git-subtree-split: e823b06d3fcc5b7c65d5eade75c2516076e58933

08b6133... by Stuart Bishop on 2017-03-17

IANA 2017a

11989cf... by Stuart Bishop on 2017-03-17

Squashed 'tz/' changes from d8ee310..637ef18

8beaf3b Release 2017a
301dd6f Fix Sierra Leone typo for 1957
c040ac6 Update tz-link.htm links
d9660f5 * northamerica: Mention Smiths Station and Valley, AL.
6084dfc * africa: Add note re Zambezi region
0b29006 Prefer "timestamp" to "time stamp"
14802e5 * NEWS: Update "Briefly:".
e5ff2db Be more consistent about double DST abbr
87f960b Remove many invented abbrs in 'africa', 'backzone'
afdcaad No leap second on 2017-06-30.
6c705a6 * tz-art.htm (Comics): Add xkcd 1799 (thanks to Guy Harris).
16e2f82 Move Pacific/Johnston to 'backward'
1c2c599 Update comments to put Law in past tense
a25d615 Remove many invented abbreviations in 'australasia'
7971967 Mongolia no longer observes DST
dc28c4f * tz-art.htm: Add years for Verne.
46c2bbf Update NEWS and fix typo
a7aeff5 Add Magallanes commentary
af1ebd6 Remove duplication between private.h and zdump.c
8e606cd Use angle brackets for system includes
7c9253c Document preferences for historical abbreviations
efd2350 date +%z now outputs -0000 for uninhabited
1b99dcd Remove many invented abbreviations in 'asia'
09a1fca Improve trailing-transition test
11d493a Fix bug for pre-1970 POSIX DST, 32-bit time_t
48c9016 Fix bug for early/late times with POSIX DST
7b529c6 * Theory: update IEEE edition date (thanks to Sanjeev)
be00a41 * asia: clarify comments re old Chinese time zones
be03380 Simplify comments about zic %z
9c32443 Fix bug in workaround for QTBUG-53071
2999bb5 Remove some invented abbreviations in ‘europe’
ad67d58 Port zdump to -DUSE_LTZ=0 etc.
9285bc5 Minor fixes to commentary.
b16545c Remove invented North American abbreviations
548a11e zdump -i omits ":" in numeric time zones
0d7917a Pacify ‘make check_character_set’
a50d7c5 Spain's 1901 transition was at 00:00 new time
b51ff1c * tz-art.htm (Music): Add "Qué hora es".
0e5e10b Ecuador observed DST from 1992-11-28 to 1993-02-05.
06acead * europe (Spain): Document early fallback transitions better.
78cfb2b Fix Spanish historical time stamps as per Planesas
ceefdd7 * tz-link.htm: Mention geo-tz. (Thanks to Evan Siroky.)
721f049 * asia: Fix E/W Qinghai typo. (Thanks to Jeffrey Oldham.)
30aa1d0 Refer to Espenak’s Uncertainty in ΔT
7b315c0 * Theory: Refer to latest Stephenson et al. paper.
c3ffed4 Asia/Atyrau and Asia/Oral were at +03 before 1930
5c1825b * europe: Just say "Crimea" rather than going into politics
c9e6ef0 Use numeric abbrs for South American zones
4c8b682 * Theory: reword to avoid no-longer-used VLAST
075ad70 Southern Chile moves from -04/-03 to -03
c578aa2 * Makefile: Tone down leap smearing discussion.
7078c9c * tz-link.htm: Mention NTP support for leap smearing.
42df628 * Makefile, NEWS, tz-link.htm: Mention leap smearing.
5145463 * NEWS: Fix Atyrau typo (thanks to Bradley White).

git-subtree-dir: tz
git-subtree-split: 637ef180a8c769220ae57739101f665ed59e6554

4ec5c1f... by Stuart Bishop on 2017-03-17

Fix typo in README.txt

7b5e9dc... by Stuart Bishop on 2017-02-27

Update copyright years

0d131bd... by Stuart Bishop on 2016-12-14

setuptools has dropped support for Python 3.1 & 3.2