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Timo Kluck (tkluck) wrote :

I added some functionality that I want to propose for the main trunk.

It is a small python script that monitors mounting of filesystems. It checks whether a new mount contains a backintime directory, and if it does, shows a dialog box to the user asking whether to make a snapshot. Behaviour (no action / show dialog box / silently make backup) is configurable.

Works both in Gnome and KDE4. However, Gnome mounts connected volumes automatically, and KDE does not. So in Gnome, the dialog box is shown after connecting the drive, and in KDE, only after manually mounting.

Pros: this feature has been requested a couple of times, and I myself am a happy user.

Cons: it seems a waste of resources to have a daemon running just for showing a single dialog box. This is not yet configurable from BiT (but is it with system preferences).

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