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9798231... by wangbiao <email address hidden>

don't copy mic code on host pc to mic-bootstap if mic in bootstrap is py3

Change-Id: I38f212811f0b3fd78d95f29d51c96790df155e32
Signed-off-by: wangbiao <email address hidden>

b2db955... by "biao716.wang" <email address hidden>

bump up to release 0.28.19

Change-Id: Id52b39bb8a0dec06b7563b34392daa6da1cc9c3d
Signed-off-by: biao716.wang <email address hidden>

9a8bc92... by "biao716.wang" <email address hidden>

fix mic create image error issue
This issue happend if %prepackages %packages sections are both in ks files.

Refering the change in https://github.com/rpm-software-management/rpm/commit/51b306686c46dfa67f6f9d16f0190c99f55339dd
Initialize plugins much earlier, it is initialized in AddInstall funciton not run(),
Before in rpm 4.11, once ts_pre run(), it will re-initialize plugins.
But now for rpm 4.14, after ts_pre.run() finish, msm handler is freed, so in ts.run(), when checking msm
handler, because it is NULL, this error will come.
So should call ts.AddInstall() after ts_pre.run().

error: Device security policy is missing. Unable to proceed
error: Plugin msm: hook tsm_pre failed

Change-Id: Iddd7c3c1c942960724c554926c444720d067f0bb
Signed-off-by: biao716.wang <email address hidden>

a6f4890... by "biao716.wang" <email address hidden>

bump up to release 0.28.18

Change-Id: Ia162b5055db14f0c286caa338cf9f863b1490df4
Signed-off-by: biao716.wang <email address hidden>

939fcd6... by =?utf-8?q?Marek_Piku=C5=82a?= <email address hidden>

Add support for riscv64

Change-Id: I4ead58bcabeffbb08e89f2984e0af2e913452a40
Signed-off-by: Marek PikuĊ‚a <email address hidden>

16df62a... by "biao716.wang" <email address hidden>

bump up to release 0.28.17

Change-Id: I3e39b60aa94077ae13418ec1b17f18199fce9783
Signed-off-by: biao716.wang <email address hidden>

d3a400c... by "biao716.wang" <email address hidden>

Add block-recommends option to choose if install recommmended packages

Change-Id: I6bd836f647fba0071ad42607b9ce6395364b84d1
Signed-off-by: biao716.wang <email address hidden>

5d990d2... by "biao716.wang" <email address hidden>

bump up to release 0.28.16

Change-Id: I26023eebe01ca402c8d96503b40bdb10c51dc799
Signed-off-by: biao716.wang <email address hidden>

5e47cf2... by "biao716.wang" <email address hidden>

Add postscripts-maxruntime option to set the max run time for post scripts
example: sudo mic create auto test.ks --postscripts-maxruntime=500
mean the max run time for post scripts is 500 minutes.
without this option, default max run time is 120 minutes.

Change-Id: Ib58e5200ac7c75b1708a86b58eec3c682f0d6e2e
Signed-off-by: biao716.wang <email address hidden>

4e08567... by "biao716.wang" <email address hidden>

bump up to release 0.28.15

Change-Id: I4fb3511f1429ad40b8df27c3e415e44f758342b6
Signed-off-by: biao716.wang <email address hidden>