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df1c0d3... by Xiao Jin <email address hidden>

bump up to release 0.28.2

Change-Id: Ia4dd2ce506e0076a7d6470a3cffeebbd80c09240

cc002ae... by Xiao Jin <email address hidden>

ext4 images are created with inode size 256 bytes

Change-Id: I52427a52df78dbb27b6a2036d548b128b1485e6e

a68ca1f... by Xiao Jin <email address hidden>

remove tmp dir in runscript period

Change-Id: I6cfd6e09f8565bae074fe5736a4298fea2461a9d

8dc6c99... by SoonKyu Park

Add locale related environment varibale because language is not set to one specified in ks file env['LANG'] = 'language in ks' env['LC_ALL'] = 'language in ks'

Change-Id: I8ce8930455af4ae0c6f3482e9c12a74194da02f8

ada4a51... by Xiao Jin <email address hidden>

bump up to release 0.28.1

Change-Id: I1f2f15e1fbaed476202c03b2f092a97f14358486

bc43d20... by mao xiaojuan <email address hidden>

Change the user and root passwd hash algorithm order to avoid user name same as root name.

Change-Id: I6ceb8cf1d0a5f534ec533edadd5218a0b7ffd05d

b4c3ef6... by Jungseung Lee <email address hidden>

Check exit status of vdfs image creation

If vdfs creation process exit with failure (EXIT_FAILURE), it should be checked.
Because it could cause malformed vdfs image creation.

In this patch, we added checking code of exit status.

Change-Id: I5aae6a8cb6de0b4dcf2dc1f9e27ee6139b26f918
Signed-off-by: Jungseung Lee <email address hidden>

a47ad20... by Xiao Jin <email address hidden>

bump up to release 0.28.0

Change-Id: I331fd138b92656698bdca6f8d8265f4193f3b9b3

dc8bbff... by mao xiaojuan <email address hidden>

Apply btrfs mount options "--fsoptions=compress".

Change-Id: Ic286b0c43dd9fb376ab643170e9a3387156c4d96

7c39ae5... by Dohyung Kim <email address hidden>

In Tizen, losetup command support '-f' option, not '--find' option


Change-Id: I5e54549ec2a742c187ac25d81a4052b18d71a697
Signed-off-by: Dohyung Kim <email address hidden>