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53198ea... by "yuhuan.yang" <yuhuan.yang@123.com>

bump up to release 0.27.7

Change-Id: I86dd1072241fae911f6f1fbcb6e79a0583c75947

70a63cf... by "yuhuan.yang" <yuhuan.yang@123.com>

Timezone setting change

Change-Id: I90bdc068430589f04ab148b3b8b9b31d8b197613

6399150... by "xiaojuan.mao" <email address hidden>

Run certain script before creation of tar.gz image.

Change-Id: Id6efc3334dc19e9198251aa79b1d6b965d3df0d1

f7e0f28... by "xiaojuan.mao" <email address hidden>

Locally built mic-bootstrap using gbs cannot be used in mic.

Change-Id: I9fe14df33b74670321ca302d1783f647e87c216d

feeb93c... by "yuhuan.yang" <yuhuan.yang@123.com>

Add new option of tpk_install

Change-Id: Id67c37b143f723e98491aad1d6730446149f01a5

dbd4888... by "yuhuan.yang" <yuhuan.yang@123.com>

Amend mic cr option of run_script

Change-Id: Ib088fb9d56b08c9aeae01908827f5507d972cdec

9e7c400... by "yuhuan.yang" <yuhuan.yang@123.com>

Add new option of --run_script

Change-Id: I7c2d194ba3bcc4e8fc78073bc922f6e7eb853821

f03c7d6... by "xiaojuan.mao" <email address hidden>

fix the bug that modify the order of generating image by cpio.

Change-Id: I86b9a79a4cca110c7e4cafe0bab48cf6bd94a278

6e83b83... by "xiaojuan.mao" <email address hidden>

Modify the order of generating image by cpio.

Change-Id: I90cb12a4d68f6989af25318b6181a2ed9e9ebe88

4443eb1... by "xiaojuan.mao" <email address hidden>

bump up to release 0.27.6

Change-Id: I2e0a0c99b8d4e486f14404bdda9554ca1d08f48f