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89ac02b... by SoonKyu Park

Add change log and release information for Release 0.27.1

Change-Id: I620035d4871df6cb31fe94121f060db6b17f2833

43ff415... by "jianzhong.fang" <email address hidden>

bump up to release 0.27.1

Change-Id: I3dba1b42fae23a1dbe37d8ff668fc97dd3ed76a4

262e5e1... by "jianzhong.fang" <email address hidden>

Remove BmapCreate and Filemap source code from MIC

Change-Id: I1bcd94008d785fb82cb807b8678ce960cb6f1145

69e2f24... by "jianzhong.fang" <email address hidden>

Revert "Drop mic raw image format support"

Change-Id: I2752f5c804f215ba96b5cfbabfefb1c383bb5803

43f037f... by SoonKyu Park

Update Change Logs and RELEASE_NOTES for 0.27

Change-Id: Ic14019a86c4efd1c302ea123579d9c1747785a91

26e1dcf... by SoonKyu Park

Modify change logs and release notes not to release Fedora 23

Change-Id: Icb3a15056eb26c48b57730a06e952a2898cb97ab

89453d5... by SoonKyu Park

Handle conflicts from git merge release-20160315

97a7db2... by "jianzhong.fang" <email address hidden>

bump up to release 0.27

Change-Id: I1c8861e517686047368a3941f678b56d173056fb

2c66d22... by "jianzhong.fang" <email address hidden>

fix broken tar archive

Change-Id: I971b256f3e47212dd54b2f5b9232a8ade212a405

7656d8b... by "jianzhong.fang" <email address hidden>

check scriptlet error file on /tmp/.postscript/error/

Change-Id: I26c09e1bfc2c7ef9090b8e9218ce06880072398a