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9862688... by SoonKyu Park

mic release test

Change-Id: I9b157ad078221004ecc38780bde9fcf51ef55c1d

9312c04... by Lihong Sun <email address hidden>

bump up to mic 0.24.4

Change-Id: Id1f831380d8b31b1818f9d54311d17e26439087a

7b4399a... by Lihong Sun <email address hidden>

bump up to 0.24.4 rc1

Change-Id: If427b593950794f4810bc49908ddb88cd981e0f6

490fd72... by Gyeoungmin Kim <email address hidden>

Mount option is modified to be more general
Supporting for using command line tools as toybox, busybox.

Fixes: #2359

Change-Id: I3b5935609d83601900f03c978e48e95490559143
Signed-off-by: Gyeoungmin Kim <email address hidden>

96c3236... by Lihong <email address hidden>

Put log file in 'release' output always.

When image creation failed, log created by '--release' will be
located under 'outdir' instead of 'release_dir'. Also put the
log file under 'release_dir' when image creation failed.

mic-appliance create images through executing '/etc/init.d/mic'
script in the appliance. 'time mic cr auto $extra /media/out/$ks'
is called, and '--release' option is used when creating images.

In the past, 3 points about the logfile created by '--release':
1. Create logfile in default 'out_dir' which is specified in
'/etc/mic/mic.conf'. 2. Before creating images, check whether the
'release_dir' exists, if it exists, remove the whole directory. 3.
After the image creation finished, copy the logfile to the final
'release_dir' where the images located. So when the image creation
failed, no logfile found in 'release_dir', the logfile is under default

If directly change the 'out_dir' to 'dest_dir' in conf.py, the image
creation will fail if there already exist a same 'release_dir', because
this existed 'release_dir' will be removed when creating images, but the
logfile use this dir at the time, so it cannot be removed, then mic will
fail and exit. So right now, if 'release_dir' already existed, just remove
the files under it except the newly created logfile, and remain the dir.

Fixes: #2212

Change-Id: Ibdc9af3d0e03ca966517d05b1e519d4d9fb3ad43

b21bcdf... by lihongsx <email address hidden>

Add 'python-xml' dependency of mic

Fixes: #2028

Change-Id: Ib8eec98150115bb4b36e7226d1cfa91e29de682c

6fbfd27... by Gui Chen <email address hidden>

add requires for cElementTree module

Change-Id: Id0a92e7a68677c1ab51b13401a6befb6a2b72f7a
Signed-off-by: Gui Chen <email address hidden>

114f372... by Huanhuan Li <email address hidden>

Generate manifest file

The manifest file stores important infomation such as image file name,
package format, compress format, partitions or disks. So when another program
want to parse image files, it can get the infomation more easily by reading
manifest file. There are two important kinds of format, see bellow:
       "format": "loop",
       "version": "0.24",
       "loop": {
           "image_files": [
           "pack": ".tar.gz",
           "partitions": {
              "/opt": "data",
              "/opt/usr": "ums",
              "/": "platform"
      "created": "2014-03-21 18:02:07"
       "raw": {
          "image_files": [
           "disks": [
          "compress": "bz2",
          "sda": {
              "image": "ivi-201403211803-sda.raw.bz2",
              "bmap": "ivi-201403211803-sda.bmap"
          "sdb": {
              "image": "ivi-201403211803-sdb.raw.bz2",
              "bmap": "ivi-201403211803-sdb.bmap"
      "format": "raw",
      "version": "0.24",
      "created": "2014-03-21 18:06:10"
Change-Id: Ie9682bad79337319d1c1e6534b3cd4db25271124
Fixes: #1583


94785aa... by Gui Chen <email address hidden>

handle not found exception

Change-Id: Id4a3d99da61bac50be02bee1213d38ea70b4c4ec
Signed-off-by: Gui Chen <email address hidden>

89b75c5... by Yongfeng Du

Bump up to 0.24.3

Signed-off-by: Yongfeng Du <email address hidden>