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d6a80c1... by Rong Jinhui <email address hidden>

Test patchset for "release-0.27" branch of mic

Change-Id: I434927977b1f5799fca43fe2570ebd53f3a86625
Signed-off-by: Rong Jinhui <email address hidden>

2bfd900... by Lihong Sun <email address hidden>

bump up to 0.27

Change-Id: Iee735c8320ee6f38e13c9c3ec8711a1695d112f3

a065e48... by Lihong Sun <email address hidden>

Update tar command option

List whole files to the tar command instead of giving a dir

Change-Id: I1916924eaf63876c9d4fe0bcfa64f4f8e142a42e

7d6e243... by Lihong Sun <email address hidden>

Drop mic native support

mic option --runtime=native has been broken for more than one year,
maintain this mode requires more effort for new distribution support,
so drop this mode without risk.

Fixes: #DEVT-248

Change-Id: Iaee916889fabfe62f6a507781f9ca1c3d01ee5a2

92e46d0... by Gyeoungmin Kim <email address hidden>

Mount option is modified to be more general
Supporting for using command line tools as toybox, busybox.

Fixes: #2359

Change-Id: I3b5935609d83601900f03c978e48e95490559143
Signed-off-by: Gyeoungmin Kim <email address hidden>

8a09e64... by Lihong <email address hidden>

Put log file in 'release' output always.

When image creation failed, log created by '--release' will be
located under 'outdir' instead of 'release_dir'. Also put the
log file under 'release_dir' when image creation failed.

mic-appliance create images through executing '/etc/init.d/mic'
script in the appliance. 'time mic cr auto $extra /media/out/$ks'
is called, and '--release' option is used when creating images.

In the past, 3 points about the logfile created by '--release':
1. Create logfile in default 'out_dir' which is specified in
'/etc/mic/mic.conf'. 2. Before creating images, check whether the
'release_dir' exists, if it exists, remove the whole directory. 3.
After the image creation finished, copy the logfile to the final
'release_dir' where the images located. So when the image creation
failed, no logfile found in 'release_dir', the logfile is under default

If directly change the 'out_dir' to 'dest_dir' in conf.py, the image
creation will fail if there already exist a same 'release_dir', because
this existed 'release_dir' will be removed when creating images, but the
logfile use this dir at the time, so it cannot be removed, then mic will
fail and exit. So right now, if 'release_dir' already existed, just remove
the files under it except the newly created logfile, and remain the dir.

Fixes: #2212

Change-Id: Ibdc9af3d0e03ca966517d05b1e519d4d9fb3ad43

033d089... by Lihong Sun <email address hidden>

Add copyright to files that miss copyright

Fixes: #2250

Change-Id: I4e1fa970229b460053671c325ba469a542f83806

a2d5f49... by "Gyeoungmin.kim" <email address hidden>

Updata manual page in /doc

Change-Id: I7144355d94a6c4b02a6d9fe47178c8bdd38d6691
Signed-off-by: Gyeoungmin.kim <email address hidden>
Signed-off-by: Lihong Sun <email address hidden>

db6879e... by Junchun Guan <email address hidden>

Fix syslinux installation path issue in Arch Linux

isolinux.bin and mbr.bin is installed to /usr/lib/syslinux/bios in arch linux

Change-Id: Iaa737b7fb277b5b7dee0ebb97a2523722f60e65d
Signed-off-by: Junchun Guan <email address hidden>

98fdf59... by Gui Chen <email address hidden>

bump up to release 0.26

Change-Id: Ic291b2c7fbe8c09a1bdf341d35740f9f639cc5cf
Signed-off-by: Gui Chen <email address hidden>