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Thomi Richards (thomir-deactivatedaccount) wrote :

> Build failures:

This confuses me somewhat, for several reasons:

First, I made sure that my branch built (and worked) before submitting it. Second, I can't find the problem.

I did have to change code in from accessing the 'sd' member directly - it should now call Vio::get_fd() instead. However, in trunk (rev 1878) I can't find anywhere in 'my_real_read' that attempts to access the member variable in question.

Is it possible that somehow the changes in my branch aren't being applied correctly? Or have I missed something? I'm new to bzr & launchpad, so maybe I've overlooked something obvious...

> CXX plugin/mysql_unix_socket_protocol
> /plugin_libmysql_unix_socket_protocol_plugin_la-protocol.lo
> ../plugin/mysql_protocol/vio.h: In function ‘uint32_t my_real_read(NET*,
> size_t*)’:
> ../plugin/mysql_protocol/vio.h:130: error: ‘int Vio::sd’ is private
> ../plugin/mysql_protocol/ error: within this context
> make[3]: *** [plugin/mysql_protocol/plugin_libmysql_protocol_plugin_la-
> net_serv.lo] Error 1

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