Code review comment for lp:~therp-nl/therp-backports/openerp-server-6.1-lp960201_fix_sequence

Yes, review from me and Ronald's other colleagues is long overdue. Note that this proposal is on the therp-backports of OpenERP, not on the official branches. That proposal is here: It has been neglected there as well, by the OpenERP developers. If you have tested the code succesfully, I would appreciate it if you submitted your approval there, using 'test' as a review type.

I'll take the opportunity to review now as well. Ronald, is there a technical reason for the whole 'prohibit' scheme, or do you really want to save junior administrators who strayed into this dark corner of the configuration from accidentally changing the next number? I think it clutters up this otherwise really good patch and I would prefer it if you removed it.

review: Needs Fixing

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