Code review comment for lp:~themue/golxc/003-added-network

William Reade (fwereade) wrote :

Couple of minors
File golxc_test.go (right):
golxc_test.go:160: orig :=
On 2013/01/31 17:14:22, TheMue wrote:
> On 2013/01/30 16:44:58, fwereade wrote:
> > c.MkDir()

> No file written, only name of a non-existing file.

How do you know it doesn't exist if you don't control the directory?
File golxc.go (right):
golxc.go:318: }
And if there was no error, but extra stuff was printed to stderr, we'd
just hand it back below... so the comment doesn't quite address my
concern, which is about getting unwanted output but no error.
File golxc_test.go (right):
golxc_test.go:164: orig :=
I don't think you can guarantee this path doesn't exist either ;).

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