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37dc8fe... by toby schneider on 2018-08-16

Pthread generalizing

0fd1243... by toby schneider on 2018-03-01

removed errant std::couts

d81521e... by toby schneider on 2018-02-28

Update copyright year

53d6cba... by toby schneider on 2018-02-23

RElease 2.1.10

89a4472... by toby schneider on 2018-02-23

Fixed weird regression when using Reflection::ListFields on apps that loaded some of their config using shared libraries (e.g. iFrontSeat)

438b3bd... by toby schneider on 2018-02-23

Fixed bug where optional submessages in the GobyMOOSApp config would appear set even if they weren't (due to the fetch_moos_globals function)

1fbd27d... by Toby Schneider <email address hidden> on 2018-02-23

Merge pull request #31 from GobySoft/2.1-iver-driver

2.1 iver driver

bf1c02e... by toby schneider on 2018-02-23

Added desired altitude as a possible control parameter for iFrontSeat

87a098c... by toby schneider on 2017-12-22

Added ability to write GPRMC messages from iver back out another port for use by NTP (e.g. using socat ptys)

0a1672d... by toby schneider on 2017-12-20

Changed logic in iFrontSeat to not require the helm running if require_helm is false for either COMMAND or LISTEN states; added in start mission/stop mission for Iver Driver