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9a7d03a... by toby schneider on 2016-02-24

Cleanup from bzr->git conversion

7577b74... by toby schneider on 2015-03-30

Fixes for libzmq3: tested against libzmq1:2.2.0+dfsg-5 (backwards compatbility and libzmq3:4.0.4+dfsg-2

c533e3c... by toby schneider on 2015-03-18

1. Fixed bug where HAS_NCURSES definition is in header file; 2. Fixed typo in DriverException header guard

c281a85... by toby schneider on 2015-03-06

Fixes for Clang in OSX Yosemite

957758b... by toby schneider on 2014-11-07

Merge from ST8c

693840a... by toby schneider on 2014-10-05

Fixed bug in MMDriver where would clear both a and then a

63aa365... by toby schneider on 2014-10-03

Added option to disable use of DTR

d29775c... by toby schneider on 2014-10-01

Workaround for partial frame bug in MM2

a9cccf2... by toby schneider on 2014-09-24

Added transition for Iridium driver to Answer state to correctly return to ready if the call disconnects in the process of being answered (RING -> ATA -> NO CARRIER)

e7e6296... by toby schneider on 2014-08-25

Added subscription for pAcommsHandler on ACOMMS_MAC_INITIATE_TRANSMISSION for folks to handle MAC externally