Last commit made on 2017-06-22
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5ba5cee... by toby schneider

Merge branch '3.0' into 3.0-debug-string-with-units

be155be... by toby schneider

Use CMake generators to load the correct shared library to fix ld issue for CCL and arithmetic tests in Ubuntu 17.04

917fe1e... by toby schneider

Updated doc to build in new share output directory

4c27ef7... by toby schneider

Updated copyright year

0655f04... by toby schneider

Ported autogeneration of version information for builds done in the Git repository working copy

8358875... by toby schneider

Updated build to put all output in ${dccl_BUILD_DIR}/[bin,lib,include,share] instead of in the source tree directories. Added symlinks to ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/[bin,lib,include,share] for backwards compatibility

e5a6bf0... by Toby Schneider <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #12 from GobySoft/3.0-make-b64-external

Switched to using external libb64-dev.

22ead28... by toby schneider

Switched to using external libb64-dev. Made the library optional - if you don't compile DCCL with it, you just won't have access to the base64 functionality (currently only used in the 'dccl' command line tool)

6e019eb... by toby schneider

Updated text on error message to refer to current function name

3724a41... by toby schneider

Merge branch '3.0' of github.com:GobySoft/dccl into 3.0