Merge lp:~ted/indicator-session/lp864085 into lp:indicator-session/0.1

Proposed by Ted Gould
Status: Merged
Merged at revision: 224
Proposed branch: lp:~ted/indicator-session/lp864085
Merge into: lp:indicator-session/0.1
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To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~ted/indicator-session/lp864085
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Michal Hruby (community) Approve
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Description of the change

Protect against the case where we can't get the settings for whatever reason.

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Michal Hruby (mhr3) wrote :

Putting function calls into g_return_* macros is quite dangerous, cause you can easily compile those away (using G_DISABLE_CHECKS). Please use a temp variable for what you're doing.

review: Needs Fixing
lp:~ted/indicator-session/lp864085 updated
224. By Ted Gould on 2011-10-10

Use a temporary variable to defeat G_DISABLE_CHECKS

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Ted Gould (ted) wrote :

Oh, I hope that no one disables checks... that'd be a really bad idea. But, anyway, fixed.

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Michal Hruby (mhr3) wrote :

You missed the last one :) but otherwise it looks fine now.

review: Approve
lp:~ted/indicator-session/lp864085 updated
225. By Ted Gould on 2011-10-12

Okay, get all of them I guess

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