Merge lp:~ted/click/desktop-hook-ual into lp:click/devel

Proposed by Ted Gould on 2014-06-05
Status: Merged
Approved by: Colin Watson on 2014-06-05
Approved revision: 430
Merged at revision: 454
Proposed branch: lp:~ted/click/desktop-hook-ual
Merge into: lp:click/devel
Diff against target: 9 lines (+1/-1)
1 file modified
debian/ (+1/-1)
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~ted/click/desktop-hook-ual
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
Colin Watson 2014-06-05 Approve on 2014-06-05
Review via email:

This proposal supersedes a proposal from 2014-06-05.

Commit message

Check for ubuntu-app-launch-desktop hook

Description of the change

Make sure we don't have multiple people making the desktop files.

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Colin Watson (cjwatson) wrote : Posted in a previous version of this proposal

Looks good, but could you please resubmit this against lp:click/devel?

review: Resubmit
Colin Watson (cjwatson) :
review: Approve

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1=== modified file 'debian/'
2--- debian/ 2013-09-04 13:25:45 +0000
3+++ debian/ 2014-06-05 17:38:04 +0000
4@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
5 User-Level: yes
6 Pattern: ${home}/.local/share/click/hooks/desktop/${id}.desktop
7-Exec: [ -e /usr/share/click/hooks/upstart-app-launch-desktop.hook ] || click desktophook
8+Exec: [ -e /usr/share/click/hooks/ubuntu-app-launch-desktop.hook ] || [ -e /usr/share/click/hooks/upstart-app-launch-desktop.hook ] || click desktophook
9 Hook-Name: desktop


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