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1d490ec... by Dan Ryan

Use in-memory sqlite database for cookie storage and cookiejar generation

Signed-off-by: Dan Ryan <email address hidden>

16a9e25... by Steve Beattie

lpl_common: fix decode only being needed in py2

Signed-off-by: Steve Beattie <email address hidden>

1cdc6e3... by Chris Coulson

security-tools/unembargo: Port to python3

79bcf8e... by Alex Murray

lpl_common.py: Port to be python3 compatible

affd68e... by Mike Salvatore

lpl_common.py: Use shutil.copyfile() to avoid information disclosure

The temporary cookies-XXXXXXXX.sqlite file is created by
tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile with 600 permissions. The shutil.copy()
function copies the permission from the source file to the destination
file. On my machine, mozilla has the cookies sqlite database permissions
set to 644. After shutil.copy() copies the cookies file, it then sets
the permission to 644, making your browser cookies world readable for a
brief period of time.

shutil.copyfile() does not attempt to copy permissions from the
source file and therefore leaves the 600 permissions intact.

caea446... by Alex Murray

uvt.el: Add support for uvt repo

Bound to R to enable repo - C-u R (ie prefix argument first) is used to
disable repo.

7ada2f0... by Alex Murray

uvt.el: Define uvt-list-revert-entry so can actually revert VMs

01d30b2... by Alex Murray

uvt.el: Ask user if want to exit when VMs still running

0ce03d9... by Alex Murray

uvt.el: Make canceling timer it's own function

67bf258... by Alex Murray

uvt.el: Cancel timer when UVT buffer is killed