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Description of the change

Bug fixing for issue

1. assert(unique_size) in callback_loader avoids gearmand restart if unique key doesn't exists in memcached_result_key_value

2. MEMCACHED_NOTFOUND in LibmemcachedQueue::done leads queue error:
done(QUEUE_ERROR) -> libgearman-server/plugins/queue/libmemcached/
Remove from persistent queue gearman_server_run_command(QUEUE_ERROR) -> libgearman-server/

to reproduce:
- create X background jobs without unique keys
- stop gearmand
- start gearmad (!!!BTW only one job will be restored!!!)
- again create X background jobs without unique keys
- start worker(s)
assuming after gearmand was restarted
- one job was restored
- ten new jobs was created
- worker done all 11 job
- gearmanadmin --status shows continuously:
foo 10 0 0

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palik (1-infe-w) wrote :

I have to correct myself.
- gearmanadmin --status shows continuously:
foo 10 10 1

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