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f1eb4bc... by i-ky <email address hidden> on 2018-07-10

Fixed MODBUS_GET_* macros in case of negative values

In case resulting value should be negative it is incorrect to use '+' operator to construct it from pieces, because highest bytes will result in negative number after bitwise shift while others will stay positive. Replacing addition with '|' should solve the issue.

820e15f... by Yegor Yefremov on 2019-08-01

SPDX: change LGPL-2.1+ to LGPL-2.1-or-later

Since SPDX release 3.0 LGPL-2.1+ became LGPL-2.1-or-later. Hence
replace the deprecated identifiers.

f9fe3b0... by Stéphane Raimbault on 2019-07-31

Bump version to 3.1.6

6f915d4... by Stéphane Raimbault on 2019-07-31

Fix my so stupid fix for VD-1301 vulnerability

I can't believe I committed that copy/paste mistake.
Sorry Maor Vermucht and Or Peles, excepted naming your original
patch was OK.

Thank you Karl Palsson for your review.

890e689... by Stéphane Raimbault on 2019-07-29

Bump version to 3.1.5

7fec417... by Stéphane Raimbault on 2019-07-29

Update NEWS

cb9d03d... by Frank Theile <email address hidden> on 2018-08-20


Schneider Automation has become Schneider Electric, which refers to

c409cf9... by Guy Taylor on 2019-04-01

Add config

Add a .appveyor.yml config to enable Win32 CI testing. At current this
only runs a cygwin64 build on a recent version of Cygwin/Windows.

170bce6... by Zwivhuya <email address hidden> on 2019-05-16

Update libmodbus.txt

862af10... by Stéphane Raimbault on 2019-07-28

Change arg value from int to const uint16_t in modbus_write_register

Closes #461