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Taihsiang Ho (taihsiangho) wrote :

@ Dimitri

I wish that I could automate oem installation which comes with ubuntu-recovery.

In some customized images, for example OEM images, some of them have already use This means oem-config/early_command and oem-config/late_command are not a universal solutions because the hook,, may be used by others at the beginning when that image was built. We could not just put our own.

We have tried to preseed oem-config/early_command and oem-config/late_command at stage 1 installation to use our own script which could include and,
but both of them will be overwritten by ubuntu-recovery anyway.[1]
We can not actually use our own oem-config/early_command and oem-config/late_command script.

We need a another hook or way to hook up our own customized scripts.

Please refer to these code snippet:
ubuntu-recovery/ubiquity/ unset_drive_preseeds()
ubuntu-recovery/ubiquity/ → early = '/usr/share/ubuntu/scripts/ early %s %s' % (rec_part['device'], location)
ubuntu-recovery/casper/seeds/ubuntu.cfg:138 → d-i oem-config/late_command string /usr/share/ubuntu/scripts/ late

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