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Phil (phd21) wrote :

Hi Timothy Zorn,

Thank you for your replies.

I try to help out the members on the Linux Mint forums. Their main distributions are based on Ubuntu 14.04 (Linux Mint 17.x) and Ubuntu 16.04 (Linux Mint 18.x)

Although I am an experienced computer user, I am not familiar with using Launchpad, or Arch Linux for downloading and installing software and or their updates. I am learning them, and help from people like yourself makes that better (Thanks).

I want to be able to provide the Linux Mint members (including myself) a relatively easy way to update their Shutter application to use your version of the "imgur-fix" which includes the "Guest" and the "0Auth" authentication, that latter is more important. I used the BZR command you provided which downloaded and created your imgur-fix folder underneath my "/home/user69" folder, now what do I do to install it?

Using the Arch method looks like a lot of work, including installing the Arch package manager?. Is this safe to do in my Linux Mint (Ubuntu) system?

Best regards,
Linux Mint forum user=phd21
<email address hidden>

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