Code review comment for lp:~systemdisc/shutter/imgur-fix

Phil (phd21) wrote :

Hi Everyone,

Could any of you please explain to me so I can explain to others, where I can download these updated file(s), and how to install them? Do I need to download just the "" file, or are there other files needed to get this working with "imgur", if so where? Are there new Shutter ".deb" packages available or a PPA for these updates?

FYI: I am using Linux Mint 17.3 KDE and Linux Mint 18.1 KDE and using the "shutter-testing-team" PPA to keep my Shutter application updated, is this the correct one? Have these changes been uploaded to the Shutter PPAs?

Also, since all of you seem good at this, have you come up with other ".pm" files for other image hosting services like "", etc...? It would be really nice if Shutter had a configuration option to add other image hosts as well based upon the host's authentication method ...

Best regards to all of you,
<email address hidden>

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