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8930d98... by Michael Dong

Custom root configuration option

Instead of syntribos taking in ``--custom_install_root` during init and
``--syntribos-custom_root`` during run, which sometimes led to the custom root
option not being set correctly, the redundant config options have been

Change-Id: I95f4d345fe8a8608ff6d1daaf06ff49912917a3f

6cf7bda... by Michael Dong

Bug fixes and error message updates

1) Crashes in runner and file_utils
2) Binary strings being read in as payloads

1) Clarified error messages in parser
2) Confusing variable names in test cases vs issues

1) A `syntribos root` CLI sub command to display the current syntribos root dir

Change-Id: I22edf7a1f3d39724522aee88d08b00d299b67248

c1f24e2... by Zuul <email address hidden>

Merge "Correct/update links"

8818cb5... by Zuul <email address hidden>

Merge "modify keystone spelling errors"

a88a06c... by Zuul <email address hidden>

Merge "Update home-page url"

59fbccf... by Zuul <email address hidden>

Merge "Updated from global requirements"

79d540e... by Zuul <email address hidden>

Merge "fix link"

83f4fea... by lidong

Correct/update links

Change-Id: I37cc088bdb579232966c4f8905ab447665d0dc54

4a0b592... by Yandy Sun

modify keystone spelling errors

Change-Id: I3ef263c3ea78b803739f1871175d417003252430

a6db29d... by Michael Dong

Bug fixes related to python 3 changes

Change-Id: I048bb19cf456281521883eb1500832343d72fb97