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61f8fb8... by Rico Tzschichholz

ui: Remove help-button for plugins which pointed to obsolete address

58669c6... by Rico Tzschichholz

build: Allow building with gettext ≥ 0.20

The use of AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION in instructs autopoint to
copy po/ from the exact gettext version. It is fine if the
version of gettext installed on the system has the same minor version
number with the requested version, but it fails if you have a newer
version of gettext because of the mismatch between autoconf macros and

  *** error: gettext infrastructure mismatch: using a
  from gettext version 0.19 but the autoconf macros are from gettext
  version 0.20

Instead of specifying the exact version with AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION, we
can use AM_GNU_GETTEXT_REQUIRE_VERSION to ask autopoint to simply use
the gettext version installed on the system to prevent the mismatch.

a8d10a3... by Rico Tzschichholz


d8e3f81... by Rico Tzschichholz

plugins: Avoid ownership mismatches of container elements

a7fd3b0... by Rico Tzschichholz

Rename .bzrignore to .gitignore

86119bc... by Rico Tzschichholz

core: Use x-terminal-emulator directly on non-GNOME sessions

e52db5b... by Rico Tzschichholz

core: Treat "Ubuntu" sessions as GNOME

Reported by Whoopie

fc6e883... by Rico Tzschichholz

Fix some warnings with valac 0.40

d4cb66e... by Rico Tzschichholz


1318b74... by Jeremy Munsch

core: Add generic method open_command_line() and use it in ssh-plugin