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This branch is an import of the Subversion branch from https://crosswire.org/svn/sword/trunk.

The import has been suspended because it failed 5 or more times in succession.

Last successful import was on 2012-09-04.

Import started on 2012-10-01 on russkaya and finished on 2012-10-01 taking 30 seconds — see the log
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Recent revisions

2677. By greg.hellings on 2012-08-29

Added -fPIC to build the library. Now bindings support linking against
either static or shared library versions.

2676. By greg.hellings on 2012-08-29

Greatly streamlined the building of bindings.

1) Made CMake files more readable by writing file instead of echoing
2) Made compile times faster by reducing the number of compiles from
two to one.
3) Broke .cxx generation from compile to enhance readability.
4) Forced CMake's basic system to work, but discovered it had no way
of installing the resultant libraries and that it still suffered from
mult-compile mania. Abandoned.
5) Moved binding-specific code into the bindings folder rather than
under the cmake modules.

2675. By greg.hellings on 2012-08-29

Patch from Debian/Ubuntu to handle ICU output properly.

2674. By greg.hellings on 2012-08-29

Changes to CFlags handling.

2673. By greg.hellings on 2012-08-29

Clean up a pair of ignores which were improperly crafted.
Removed the warning suppression which resulted from those improper ignores.
Cleaned up other warnings.
Updated warning suppressions.

Bindings now build with only about 3 or 4 warnings during SWIG compile
and the Perl bindings have a pair of warnings in the code that SWIG
generates which I can't seem to shake. I could add a gcc flag to the build
script but that seems unnecessary.

2672. By greg.hellings on 2012-08-29

Clean up warnings. Python install step now builds cleanly in gcc 4.7 and Perl install step is almost clean.

2671. By greg.hellings on 2012-08-29

Removed deprecated Traversable() and Index() methods on sword::SWKey

2670. By greg.hellings on 2012-08-29

Added rahlfs to CMake distribution.

2669. By greg.hellings on 2012-08-29

Cleaning up the "ugly hack".

2668. By mdbergmann on 2012-08-26

added additional convenience allocator for default InstallSourceManager which allows passing a config path.

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