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Azaziah (suutari-olli) wrote :

"- This is the latest commit of the ui-messages-part-1
  branch which was merged recently,

for some reason the latest commit which included
the most recent fixes was not merged."

Please stop changing remotes as I am deleting it.

// I removed the changes to remotes in the last commit of the merged branch, but...

I know it is not of your making but I needed to read the code a few times to work out what it was doing! Can we have it a bit more logical please.

// I simplified it.

Needs tests !

This was supposed to be merged already in the ui-messages-part-1 branch,
but due to some weird error it was not.

I am unwilling write a new test just to get this last commit merged.

If I must write a new test I'm going to turn this into ui-messages-part-2
and change a lot of other things as well.

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