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Tim Bentley (trb143) wrote :

1) It does not matter if you think you got all the changes it increases potential instability in code. We have been there are it is a risk for no gain.

2) Internal names do not matter, external ones do and that is why changing the Message may help.

3) The names are used internally and compared to drive processes, this is brittle but works and you plan to change it.

4) Jenkins we need to complete run not just a bit of it. How do I know you did not break the tests.

5) Any test to increase test coverage.

6) if you change a setting then you need to make sure the value is preserved across the change. Look in there is an example of a change from songs to advanced.

All this said this will not be going in so please do not resubmit, Please can you help and find some bugs and features to add and the tak this project forward. Your effort is appreciated but chaning things for change sake is not going to help.

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