Code review comment for lp:~suutari-olli/openlp/click-slide-to-go-live-from-blank

Azaziah (suutari-olli) wrote :

> Traceback (most recent call last):
> File "/home/tim/Projects/OpenLP/openlp/click-slide-to-go-live-from-
> blank/openlp/core/ui/", line 1401, in
> on_preview_double_click
> elif not Registry().get_flag('has doubleclick added item to service') is
> True:
> File "/home/tim/Projects/OpenLP/openlp/click-slide-to-go-live-from-
> blank/openlp/core/common/", line 160, in get_flag
> raise KeyError('Working Flag {key} not found in list'.format(key=key))
> KeyError: 'Working Flag has doubleclick added item to service not found in
> list'
> Blank live and double click on a preview slide.

Fixed this,
also removed the ??? if statement.

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