Code review comment for lp:~suutari-olli/openlp/click-slide-to-go-live-from-blank

Azaziah (suutari-olli) wrote :

Hi Tomas and thank you for your comments!

"Unblank display when adding new item" also exists in the general tab. You should probably move yours to be under the exiting one to keep similar settings in the same place. Currently your code doesn't honor the "Unblank display when adding new item

# Done and Done, now also honoring double clicking preview

Also the new setting should be "false" as default, this is new behavior, so users should enabled it if they want it.

# Done
# Currently this is default behavior for Escape item and probably easier
to use than our current blank to modes. I think this and some other settings
should eventually be changed to be more user friendly by default.

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