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81ca0d2... by Stuart Bishop on 2018-06-29

Fix travis tests

b709115... by Stuart Bishop on 2018-06-29

Tweak makefile

faf6f18... by Stuart Bishop on 2018-06-29

Bump version numbers to 2018.5/2018e

1097edd... by Stuart Bishop on 2018-06-29

IANA 2018e

11b8627... by Stuart Bishop on 2018-06-29

Squashed 'tz/' changes from bd850bce5..8173f0338

4758e88f9 Release 2018e
f788fa2ba Port better to GCC 8
cdb9561f5 Use GCC 8 for debugging
bac9e329c Spelling fix
511df4d78 North Korea switches back to +09 on 2018-05-05
127b4af72 Move negative DST from vanguard to main format
064a5e854 Automate building of rearguard tarball
a82bdb1f2 Fix ziguard.awk Namibia invalid assumption
7b01a16d7 Update and/or clean up POSIX version info
c073ba927 * theory.html: Fix typo.
dc99d2a0e * europe: Adjust to correction.
4f9ef36dd * europe (Czech): Simplify 1947/8 rules.
b3e54ac03 Czechs had negative DST in 1946/7
43bd479f4 * europe: Remove "exactly" from comment; it was not exactly right.
2f4200e7d Use popular sense of DST in Namibia
ca350847b Support s and d suffixes in Zone SAVE column too
b66827058 * Makefile, strftime.c, zic.8: alternate -> alternative
c1c0c110f Support SAVE suffixes, for Namibia 1994-2017
6026aa02a Fix missing version dependencies
5e3506693 * .gitignore: Ignore .patch and .tzs files.
ea9d4d040 * theory.html: Spelling fix (thanks to Brian Inglis).
3a02ddfa4 Mention Zone names with two slashes
3796d87d5 Namibia was on DST until 2017-10-24
27f32ae64 New edition of Calendrical Calculations
cdd4f7f28 * australasia: Cite today's Guardian Express.
8d1dac0d3 * tz-link.html: Add
260ea0d43 Spelling fixes

git-subtree-dir: tz
git-subtree-split: 8173f03388f79a2bb9c10a6367023bdd903aed67

9643b26... by Stuart Bishop on 2018-05-02

Update all URLs to

9a52745... by Jon Dufresne on 2018-04-29

Update all URLs to

For details on the new PyPI, see the blog post:

f6689c4... by Stuart Bishop on 2018-04-10

Add packages to travis job

fae0ac5... by Stuart Bishop on 2018-04-10

BaseTzInfo now the base class of UTC

All timezones now share a common base class, simplifying writing
pytz aware code. Addresses lp:1696956

b7b8e45... by Stuart Bishop on 2018-04-10

version bump, test and build updates