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164d6af... by Stuart Bishop on 2020-04-28

Fix reST lint

416edf6... by Stuart Bishop on 2020-04-28

Test against Python 3.8 and Python 3.9

b25606a... by Stuart Bishop on 2020-04-28

Bump version numbers to 2020.1/2020a

238b4f6... by Stuart Bishop on 2020-04-28

Base class for all errors

Closes #43

fb8b146... by Stuart Bishop on 2020-04-28

Add flake8 settings

a11229c... by Stuart Bishop on 2020-04-28

IANA 2020a

bc11842... by Stuart Bishop on 2020-04-28

Squashed 'tz/' changes from 765984a93..13af01673

7aec41a1d Release 2020a
d5f78a432 Clarify zdump -c
c1755bba4 Deprecate tzsetwall
7eab71e7a * tz-link.html: Update URLs.
2455b0ac4 Define “UT” in man pages
a8bf332a1 * backzone: Commentary from Phake Nick.
73e69e765 Shanghai observed DST in 1919
f9aacafa4 Morocco springs forward on 05-31, not 05-24.
e960c41b5 Mention ziguard.awk in some tzdata comments.
6c9502af4 Israel decided not to change DST rules after all
b7adcf175 Israel starts 2020 DST on 05-01, not 03-27
f5ca09068 Fix incorrect zdump warning for "AES)T5"
c7cc14a84 Update URL for "Date & Time Formats on the Web"
33fd3277e Improve comments for Ukraine regions
e6c1f0e7d Yukon advances to year-round -07 from 2020-03-08.
9a4b3dce5 * tz-art.html (Comics): Add xkcd 2266 (thanks to Guy Harris).
10f89078f Add comment about western Ontario zone extents
a4db43137 Cite Frumer on pre-1873 Japan timekeeping
512fce07f Reorder Japan comments
fb434180b Add support for Expires lines to zic
b4cc8501c Simplify leapadd
fd277c5ca Fix leap second bug after last explicit transition
04742d2e4 Fix leapseconds.awk portability bug
b4b88c3b8 * leap-seconds.list: Omit stray space (fix from upstream).
2ae2ca6ca Improve comments for Quebec and Yukon.
f6a9b02d6 No leap second on 2020-06-30
63fdca732 Remove "Xianggang" from asia comment
fc4a4b005 * europe: Accent “Reykjavík”.
2c12bae19 * tz-art.html: Add "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?"
abb3d642e Support -DUSG_COMPAT=2 on FreeBSD
1a27ec76b Allow definition of vars the system lacks
6063ea746 * theory.html: Fix HAVE_TZNAME typo.
80acc494c * NEWS: Fix release typo in Nuuk change.
cc6365997 * theory.html: Give Asia/Calcutta as an example.
d7715ab77 Rename America/Godthab to America/Nuuk
06b51ae81 * tz-link.html (Costs and benefits of DST): New section.
cad14a255 * northamerica: Update Garland URL.
e733957e6 Commentary update for Palestine
035492ecf Rename asctime symbols if required in private.h
152bc8f7d Fix 1989 oversight in building libtz.a

git-subtree-dir: tz
git-subtree-split: 13af01673d5a82cf0eca7c8dcbe62685fa331440

7b1a844... by Stuart Bishop on 2020-01-13

Fix remaining references to README.txt

f6fd618... by Stuart Bishop on 2020-01-13


fd39cf1... by Stuart Bishop on 2020-01-13

Use .rst extension for reStructuredText