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d6a6878... by Stuart Bishop on 2020-11-02

Generate fat datafiles

pytz can still only read the deprecated 'fat' compiled timezone

Support for 'slim' datafiles should be done by using the
Python 3.9 parser and the available backports. Python 2.7
will be stuck only able to use the 'fat' format.

c36aa69... by Stuart Bishop on 2020-11-02

Update assert to cope with database updates

fb431f2... by Stuart Bishop on 2020-11-02

Bump version numbers to 2020.4/2020d

5c4a3c6... by Stuart Bishop on 2020-11-02

IANA 2020d

a4a62d8... by Stuart Bishop on 2020-11-02

Squashed 'tz/' changes from 7aec41a1d..d828740bb

9c175ec6c Release 2020d
65f1deaca * tz-link.html: Fix typo
b80ed1696 Fix Palestine 2015 fall and 2020 spring
efd0231aa Palestine ends DST on 2020-10-24
103e7868c Fail on ZIC_BLOAT_DEFAULT typo
980306471 Improve TZUpdater and Python links
ce89cbaa4 Port ‘make rearguard_tarballs’ to macOS
43dda7dbe Cite Tom Scott on Danish time
40e0dc322 Update Danish URLs
ab21ad971 Release 2020c
dc43ed588 * europe (Hungary): Add more URLs (thanks to Géza Nyáry).
0c8cac40a Put dummy pacificnew into rearguard tarball
27264eae8 * ziguard.awk: Add limitations commentary.
6a244fd41 * europe: Hungary URL comments (thanks to Michael Deckers).
d5c1b97cd Fiji observes DST from 2020-12-20 to 2021-01-17
47311d42a Release 2020b
64308c005 * NEWS: Fix Antarctic seasons, Casey change is past
06520a2b4 Tighten up scope wording
c5f6ef851 Convert tz-how-to.html to HTML 5
110feebd9 Further update code to match Link line field names
284e877d7 Drop support for zic -y, Rule TYPEs, pacificnew
b3cf2ee42 Remove obsolete file systemv
d6abc89b3 * antarctica (Antarctica/Casey): Correct 2019-10 transition.
6427fe6c0 Fixes for Casey and Macquarie
dd606383a * NEWS: Fix typo (thanks to Philip Paeps).
d3bdef36c Yukon’s change is effective 2020-11-01.
afc53e03f * tz-link.html: Cite PyPI tzdata (thanks to Paul Ganssle).
2c431bd71 * tz-link.html: Cite Python 3.9 (thanks to Matt Johnson-Pint).
abbe4eeee * tz-art.html: Add Mr. Monk (thanks to Arthur David Olson).
241e6df07 Improve heads-up advice
cb2d288ae * tz-link.html: Cite TZDIST list. (Thanks to Michael Douglass.)
d7451484e Cite Rishi et al in tz-link
3e865829e * asia: Cite Barak 2020 on Israeli DST controversy.
a9f132757 Mention Intl.DateTimeFormat
243321439 * README: Add a pointer to tz-how-to.html.
6d25c3e89 date: simplify format compuation
dca583ac6 date: redo strftime buffer-exhaustion check
8b238ec54 strftime: conform better to POSIX+
6e2e87703 Minor editorial improvements for newstrftime.3
ba912ae8b * backzone: More commentary re 1940s Bahrain.
39c661ee1 Update Bahrain as per article in The National
63699ef40 Fix leapseconds comment when EXPIRES_LINE
b04741d80 No leap second on 2020-12-31
efbae189b Cite Mirmalek on Martian timekeeping
6ba6f2117 zic now defaults to ‘-b slim’
08c326dfd Do not install 'posixrules' by default
180f76a2d zic has new ‘-l -’ and ‘-p -’ options
c9e377825 * europe: Fix minor comment typos in previous change.
ccbd7d2ef Go back to midnight transitions for France etc.
812249354 * NEWS: Fix recent date typo.
ddb5717c5 Further fixes to 1891 and 1911 French transitions
1c8ce71c3 French clocks stopped for 9′21″ on 1911-03-11
f8eca4dc2 * europe: Add Hungaricana URLs (thanks to Géza Nyáry).
1d8d276b3 Improve 1890 Hungarian transition.
f87ed56da Fix Hungarian transitions 1918-1983
e30fe68d4 Predict Morocco spring-forward after Eid al-Fitr
243ae0709 Fix comment typo re 1900 Spanish decree
c6c18a432 More Ruthenia replacement
b43b6b46b Mention TimeZoneDB’s CSV and SQL files.
402965e63 Use bold for command and func names in man pages
d36f8f5b6 Remove tzsetwall

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git-subtree-split: d828740bbde9367c28fda3c08d26db59f0865162

55e2d1c... by Stuart Bishop on 2020-06-15

Update travis config to bionic environment

13b5005... by Stuart Bishop on 2020-06-15

Add python 3.7 and 3.8 to the compatibility list

ea3336a... by Bastien Vallet <email address hidden> on 2020-06-12

[compat] Add python 3.7 and 3.8 to the compatibility list

616ca4a... by Stuart Bishop on 2020-06-01

Allow skipping of startup resource checks

If the PYTZ_SKIPEXISTSCHECK environment variable is set, pytz
will not confirm the existance of the expected timezone database
files at import time. This improves startup time, but will cause
crashes when the timezone list baked into the pytz release does
not match the timezone database in use.

Patch from Timothy Paine

1678a00... by Stuart Bishop on 2020-04-28

Update travis config