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b3b0aef... by Stuart Bishop on 2021-02-01

Bump version numbers to 2021.1/2021a

f8bad81... by Stuart Bishop on 2021-02-01

IANA 2021a

560c127... by Stuart Bishop on 2021-02-01

Squashed 'tz/' changes from efc5c06192..4f0b29ebf7

336c8f8262 Release 2021a
91edda4982 Update web links
7d7a4fb5bd South Sudan changes from +03 to +02 on 2021-02-01.
500141665b No leap second on 2021-06-30
846c3ac7ab Release 2020f
15e0ac32c1 Fix rearguard.zi corruption in 2020e

git-subtree-dir: tz
git-subtree-split: 4f0b29ebf7b3da8ab5f8415abb8f47162ef9502c

76ed158... by Stuart Bishop on 2020-12-24

2020.5 / 2020e release

aaef58a... by Stuart Bishop on 2020-12-24

Squashed 'tz/' changes from 9c175ec6c..a816a5c4d

efc5c0619 Release 2020e
b804a741d Improve doc of zic coalescing zone+DST transitions
c8891f390 Cite publication of Volgograd change
316c1598e Correct LMT and pre-1919 transitions for Nigeria
3dcdea78d Fix NEWS typo
c983a0fb7 Document zic coalescing zone+DST transitions
ce7b1bbc7 Seychelles switched from LMT to +04 on 1907-01-01
b980f1cac Model Turks & Caicos time 2015-2018 as AST
ff90fc93a Fix Vanuatu DST in 1973-1974 and 1984 transition
7c7419c6a Volgograd change likely December 27, not 20
0b5ae1fb7 Fix some errors in recent Bahamas changes
cd1769fe6 Fix Ghana again, for 1942 through 1946
3831c591e Fix Volgograd label in {zone,zone1970}.tab
adf4d8d35 Fix several pre-1946 transitions for Bahamas
0415d0e5f Re-fix Ghana typo for 1919/1920
6e7558f19 Fix Ghana typo for 1919/1920
271d9438b Volgograd switches from +04 to +03 on 12-20 02:00
a499dd6e0 * northamerica: Add URL for Yukon OIC 1980/02
7cc6d7c00 Fix several pre-1957 transitions for Ghana
17acee8cb Fix several pre-1957 transitions for Bermuda
1aca4cad3 Fix several pre-1972 transitions for Australia
a47ef9c71 * tz-link.html: Use <abbr> more systematically.
48e68fbfd Document "right" seconds better
beba17f43 Fix mistaken Belize interpretation
d7e93bdba Fix several Belize transitions 1942/1968
b231fbdb5 Port 'make rearguard_tarballs' to Solaris 10
8b21cc5d2 Fix Israel and Palestine transitions 1940/1985
52ba05422 Fix zone*.tab Yukon comment columns
b106a6e84 leapseconds now says why NIST, not IERS
eff0719a7 Fix Kenya transitions 1908/1960
78422f077 Use better fallback for unknown $(VERSION)
ac029805c * etcetera: Update comment in the light of Neil Fuller’s comments.
e4645c40a Port to downstream HP-UX-style ‘make’

git-subtree-dir: tz
git-subtree-split: a816a5c4de427cae12477455dea2bc4eb990b2c9

b83f879... by Stuart Bishop on 2020-12-24

IANA 2020e

6cf10f2... by Stuart Bishop on 2020-11-02

Drop Python 3.0 support from distribution metadata

Python 3.0 has been untested for a while, and I doubt it works.

7d0205f... by Stuart Bishop on 2020-11-02

List Py3.9 support in distribution metadata

513450f... by Stuart Bishop on 2020-11-02

Drop unwanted and unecessary shebang line

Addresses lp:1876176

d6a6878... by Stuart Bishop on 2020-11-02

Generate fat datafiles

pytz can still only read the deprecated 'fat' compiled timezone

Support for 'slim' datafiles should be done by using the
Python 3.9 parser and the available backports. Python 2.7
will be stuck only able to use the 'fat' format.