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62f8720... by Stuart Bishop on 2019-07-31

Bump version numbers to 2019.2/2019b

a2c7caa... by Stuart Bishop on 2019-07-31

Adjust doctests to work with Python 3.8

Further addresses lp:1819751 with fix from Victor Stinner

f417f53... by Stuart Bishop on 2019-07-31

Use explicit pickle protocol versions in tests

Addresses lp:1819751 using fix by Victor Stinner

0537ddc... by Stuart Bishop on 2019-07-31

Defer generating case-insensitive lookups

Addresses lp:1835784 performance issue

95c23a1... by Stuart Bishop on 2019-07-31

IANA 2019b

b9cb919... by Stuart Bishop on 2019-07-31

Squashed 'tz/' changes from 14c73382c..09488fe23

23a01523a Release 2019b
382340401 Let the builder specify gpg’s name
743385b60 Ooops, the 1952 bug was not in 2019a.
800d05d4a * NEWS: Improve thanks punctuation.
38c2ee9ac Correct Hong Kong 1952 fallback transition
342b83a8d Avoid spaces and punctuation near or inside links.
9717a2c2e * asia: Fix grammar for "special-cases".
6aa54b189 * theory.html: Consistently use "guidelines" for the whole set.
1bb4263bb Fix ‘make check’ problems caused by recent changes
8055567fa Describe Crimea situation more accurately
601cf5e9b Let builder specify default for zic -b
c4a8b9047 'zic -b slim' now omits isstd, isut
3371d5fe1 Deprecate ‘zic -p POSIXRULES’
ff51dc1c9 Fix minor zic(8) formatting glitches
68a144fc0 * tzfile.5: Typeset ‘-’ more carefully.
f9bd52701 More clarification/explanation from RFC 8536
92c49ba8e Use STDOFF, not UTOFF, for standard time
c37dd0d46 Rename internal identifiers to match RFC 8536
9f0b10abd Fix 'zic -b slim' bug with TZ='CET'
8005c6fe3 * NEWS: Mention -b slim briefly.
7879a3fba New zic -b option to shrink data and test y2038
b8b89414c Omit a few artifacts from zic output
a6932b8fb Tune and simplify addtype
3b37a4809 Improve US public law citations
60743bf81 Fix US public law cites
34efc4508 Cite US DST legislation
e62b229ea Add an outline to tz-link.html
5379fe9e9 Fix Hong Kong 1947-1952 DST errors
823177c56 Improve Eucla commentary
b4ce3f796 Update URLs
66db41b05 * australasia: Fix comment typo (thanks to Paul Goyette).
4609f3bbb Add comments on Bonin Is and Marcus I
23c040804 zic: remove horrid special case for 2037
b83ad71c9 Add 50 years of predictions for Morocco
1b4474ca9 * asia: Fix "the the" typo (thanks to Alan Coopersmith).
6676aa549 * asia: Fix recently-introduced typo (thanks to Paul Goyette).
c86b7fb7b Assume zic 2004 or later in "Apr Sun>=25" etc.
f8de7b083 Fix several Hong Kong transitions in 1941/6
c44be6fa3 * southamerica: Add official URL for Chile change (thanks to Juan Correa).
9f77db7ac Add commentary for time in Cocklebiddy
0b0735c8d Ignore more non-source files
3ff2958b7 Bring zic man page up to date
fcba22a8d Assume zic 2017c or later when shrinking
7f229382e zic: omit pre-2017c chatter unless -v
9e498e208 * NEWS: Clarify confusing item.
fa1591214 Italy’s 1866 transition was 12-12, not 09-22
cf67c5123 Remove Kiev pronunciation commentary
e7db2954b Revert previous change; I was right after all.
4805007ee * NEWS, southamerica: Correct credit (thanks to Brian Inglis).
62b6deab2 * northamerica: Comment re Regina 1914-1917.
02dce236c * NEWS, southamerica: Add Brazil decree number.
8d1bcf942 Brazil has canceled DST
a47d067e9 * africa: Fix typo (thanks to Paul Gilmartin).
85533db5f Update commentary on Morocco DST
7dc0677c7 Fix Palestine spring-transition time
b90b98039 Palestine’s transition is on 2019-03-29 at 01:00
9986591d2 Palestine’s 2019-03-30 transition is at 00:00
15f871619 * NEWS: Fix typo (thanks to Michael Deckers).

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git-subtree-split: 09488fe232b7592f6984cb7c006eb97596c206c2

5b379f5... by Stuart Bishop on 2019-07-31

Update dev README

c09737e... by Stuart Bishop on 2019-04-10

Decouple dist building from signing

589b6e5... by Stuart Bishop on 2019-04-10

Bump versions to 2019.1/2019a & lint fixes

f4f60e5... by Stuart Bishop on 2019-04-10

Squashed 'tz/' changes from 388b0a551..1e0637309

14c73382c Release 2019a
05d5302e8 * asia: Abbreviate URL.
c3a117704 Tweak commentary on recent changes
7a133ff92 Palestine doesn't start DST until 2019-03-30.
2e5677e1d * zic.c: Fix spelling typo (thanks to Antonio Diaz Diaz).
8744ddc14 zic -r/@T is now exclusive, not inclusive
70c6bd184 zic: fix bug when -r removes all transitions
ea042515f zic: fix transitions created with -r
ea17649a8 Fix 'make clean' problem with clean_*.dir
4a6a2d26b zic: new -r option
ce0baf7a4 Etc/UCT is now an alias for Etc/UTC
622d4af59 Israel observed DST in 1980 and 1984
5f48dee82 * theory.html: Decouple timezones from countries earlier.
717c897dc * africa: Realphabetize.
bc2756dc5 Finish renaming theory.html section
247d4925a Swaziland changed its name to Eswatini
503608b6a Check theory.html too
6176aefe7 Deprecate the ISO 3166-1 guideline
9e0801352 * asia: Spelling fix.
b228f9861 Mention timezone splits and identifiers
9a608596c Add Vietnam commentary and fluidity guideline
c11f5ce41 Internet RFC 8536 has been published
c5612ec0e Remove "About Time" URL
224ba6281 * tz-art.html: Add "About Time" URL.
3bb6716a8 * README: Fix "About Time" quotes (thanks to Arthur David Olson).
b0c64d6e7 No leap second on 2019-06-30.
934f12607 Put “North” before “Macedonia”
8e3a0f813 Improve doc for rule interpretation
a39622d5b * NEWS, tz-link.html: Cite Tim Parenti’s tzdata-meta.
f18c24d66 Metlakatla "falls back" to rejoin Alaska Time on 2019-01-20 at 02:00.
9625c4819 Improve description of vanguard/main/rearguard

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git-subtree-split: 1e06373090fda6ae1883a9e9c765337f3a9d39e0