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89a9fd8... by stsp

check for orphans [#91]

Broken demo patch.

a0e0993... by stsp

config: Don't lose driver command line [fixes #85 fixes #90]

Command line arguments were lost in commit ab57fb0, this patch restores

This fix is the result of heroic debugging efforts of @andrewbird.
Sorry for such a difficult to debug regression. :(

2ae3c04... by stsp

Merge pull request #89 from andrewbird/symbols01

api: Add support for kernel symbol handling

06d8d81... by Andrew Bird

api: Add support for kernel symbol handling

1/ Add the ability to return the kernel map file name

2/ By adding a relocation notification function in the API a
previously loaded set of symbols may be moved as the memory is

3/ Install the kernel map file alongside the kernel itself.

7b434c4... by stsp

entry: fix horrible regression of 7bb17707 again :( [#80]

fixes #88, fixes #85.

Please re-check LFN!
One day I'll fix it properly... maybe.

05bf29d... by stsp

main: fix update_dcb() regression of 38e061e91 [#85]

Freedos has it as
dpb = dpb->dpb_next = KernelAlloc()
but I'll better use temporary variable.

61dc2e7... by stsp

Merge pull request #84 from andrewbird/travis-ci

Travis: Add build

6ec345a... by stsp

thunks.m4: got rid of many silly dnls

We just need to enable stdout diversion at the end of the
script instead of at the beginning. Then we don't need to
manually dnl every macro or comment, as the output will be
eaten anyway.

2b52db8... by Andrew Bird

Travis: Add build

6ff55e8... by stsp

make: fix dep on glob_asmdefs.h