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1db08dd... by stsp

more fix

8c8a69e... by stsp

use new to keep producing lvalues

Still doesn't work.

c9f76e3... by stsp

try to get rid of placement new

Does not compile. :(

3fc774e... by stsp

kernel: add shared headers to handler stubs [fixes #55]

Now dosdebug shows these vectors up to HMA.

96de29c... by stsp

completely rework and deobfuscate relocations [#54]

212a182... by stsp

remove a20 hack and simplify relocations [fixes #54]

Buggy unpackers can reportedly be fixed with loadfix.

98ed863... by stsp

dep fix

8c4dd5d... by stsp

inthndlr: fix 32Mb check for int 25/26

Fixes crash on unformatted drive formatting.

2227711... by stsp

inthndlr: fix HugeSectorBlock struct

4bc4ba7... by stsp

dsk: ddt_lasttime was not initialized

Found with valgrind.