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7a02165... by stsp

small amend to prev commit

c747be2... by stsp

make int21 SS equal to dosdata [fixes #197]

vlm pokes into SDA via SS when DOS calls redirector's int2f.
Since we use tiny model, SS didn't point to dosdata.
Relocate it by hands.

5415fa4... by stsp

fix ubsan support when dosemu2 uses clang

068b5ee... by stsp

fix memory leaks found by lsan

5c18a48... by stsp

amend to prev patch

0db74b3... by stsp

sysclk: fix WriteATClock() calling convention

Use far ptr instead of array.
Fixes prehistoric2 problem:
and it was a severe bug overall.

378e13f... by stsp

dosfns: 2process logic for rename

d530b5a... by stsp

dosfns,share: check for psp for SH_COMPAT

See https://github.com/dosemu2/dosemu2/issues/1617

8b98473... by stsp

dosfns: SHARE_COMPAT fix for setfattr

See https://github.com/dosemu2/dosemu2/issues/1617

f15bd2f... by stsp

dosfns: allow del of SHARE_COMPAT file [fixes #196]