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4560. By Tomohiro<email address hidden> on 2013-03-20

pending merges:
  Takuya Nishimoto 2013-03-20 [merge] merged jp2013.1 rev 5974. use nvdajp...
    Takuya Nishimoto 2013-03-19 [merge] merged nvaccess 2013.1 rev 5972....
    James Teh 2013-03-19 [merge] Update to eSpeak 1.47.01.
    James Teh 2013-03-19 Update source readme.
    James Teh 2013-03-19 Update What's New.
    James Teh 2013-03-19 espeak: Use only the file name for all voice id...
    James Teh 2013-03-19 [merge] Merge 2013.1.
    James Teh 2012-09-25 espeak: Update espeak_EVENT_id union with new s...
    Takuya Nishimoto 2013-03-18 fixed reading of LTR and RTL marks
    Takuya Nishimoto 2013-03-18 [merge] merged jpmain 4571
    James Teh 2013-03-18 SynthDriver.loadSettings: Catch any exception f...
    James Teh 2013-03-18 espeak: If an invalid voice is set, make sure t...
    Michael Curran 2013-03-18 Small fixes to changes and user guide file...
    Michael Curran 2013-03-18 Mentioned Nuance Vocalizer in the user gui...
    Takuya Nishimoto 2013-03-18 remove blank line to match for original

4559. By Tomohiro<email address hidden> on 2013-03-18

pending merges:
  Takuya Nishimoto 2013-03-18 cleanup sconstruct
    Takuya Nishimoto 2013-03-18 more cleanup regarding nvdajpime
    Takuya Nishimoto 2013-03-18 cleanup nvdajpime helper
    Takuya Nishimoto 2013-03-18 work around nvdajp ticket 30987
    Takuya Nishimoto 2013-03-18 work around nvdajp ticket 30985

4558. By Tomohiro<email address hidden> on 2013-03-17

pending merges:
  Takuya Nishimoto 2013-03-17 another way of work around #3005 (nvdajp tic...
    Takuya Nishimoto 2013-03-16 fixed reading of prolonged sound mark as...

4557. By Tomohiro<email address hidden> on 2013-03-16

pending merges:
  Takuya Nishimoto 2013-03-16 [merge] merged nvaccess main 5967
    James Teh 2013-03-16 If NVDA falls back to no braille due to the con...
    James Teh 2013-03-15 Fixed inability to use certain Microsoft Speech...
    Takuya Nishimoto 2013-03-15 work around #3005 (should work with Mozi...

4556. By Tomohiro<email address hidden> on 2013-03-15

pending merges:
  Takuya Nishimoto 2013-03-15 [merge] merged nvaccess main 5965
    Mesar Hameed 2013-03-14 hu: chapter0.t2t add header so that build sc...
    Hrvoje Katic 2013-03-14 Croatian (hr):
    <email address hidden> 2013-03-14 Simplified Chinese (zh_CN):
    Cagri Dogan 2013-03-14 Turkish (tr):
    Dinakar T.D. 2013-03-14 Tamil (ta):
    Jozko Gregorc 2013-03-14 Slovenian (sl):
    Ondrej Rosik 2013-03-14 Slovak (sk):
    Beqa Gozalishvili 2013-03-14 Russian (ru):
    Diogo Costa 2013-03-14 Portuguese (pt_PT):
    Bram Duvigneau 2013-03-14 Duch (nl):
    him Prasad Gautam 2013-03-14 Nepali (ne):
    Joseph Lee 2013-03-14 Korean (ko):
    Takuya Nishimoto 2013-03-14 Japanese (ja):
    Simone Dal Maso 2013-03-14 Italian (it):
    Aron OcsvAri 2013-03-14 Hungarian (hu):
    Patrick ZAJDA 2013-03-14 French (fr):
    Jani Kinnunen 2013-03-14 Finnish (fi):
    Juan C. buno 2013-03-14 Galician (gl):
    Juan C. buno 2013-03-14 Spanish (es):
    <email address hidden> 2013-03-14 Greek (el):
    Bernd Dorer 2013-03-14 German (de):
    Nicolai Svendsen 2013-03-14 Danish (da):
    Fatma Mehanna 2013-03-14 Arabic (ar):
    Jorge Perez 2013-03-14 Aragonese (an):
    James Teh 2013-03-15 braille: Work around a bug where liblouis incor...
    James Teh 2013-03-15 braille: Remove hack around liblouis empty tran...
    Michael Curran 2013-03-14 [merge] Support Automatic language switchi...
    Michael Curran 2013-03-14 Remove debugging print statements
    Manish Agrawal 2013-03-13 Support for automatic language switching i...
    Halim Sahin 2013-03-13 papenmeier_serial: Fix key map and reopening ...

4555. By Tomohiro<email address hidden> on 2013-03-13

pending merges:
  Takuya Nishimoto 2013-03-13 work around issue #3005 (nvdajp ticket 30938)
    Takuya Nishimoto 2013-03-12 [merge] merged nvaccess main 5937
    James Teh 2013-03-12 Developer Guide: Make it even clearer that the ...
    Bernd Dorer 2013-03-12 German (de):
    James Teh 2013-03-09 [merge] hims driver: Support braille input.
    James Teh 2013-03-09 Update User Guide.
    James Teh 2013-02-28 Support braille input in the hims driver. Not y...
    Jani Kinnunen 2013-03-08 Finnish (fi):
    James Teh 2013-03-08 [merge] You can now use comHelper.getActiveObje...
    James Teh 2013-03-08 Update What's New.
    James Teh 2013-03-08 [merge] Merge main.
    James Teh 2013-01-09 Try in our own process first. Only try another ...
    James Teh 2013-01-09 Fix invalid handle errors from subprocess if we...
    James Teh 2013-01-09 Initial attempt to allow COM GetActiveObject to...
    Marlin Rodrigues 2013-03-07 Update iven and iven2 from pt_BR community.

4554. By Tomohiro<email address hidden> on 2013-03-11

pending merges:
  Takuya Nishimoto 2013-03-11 fixed KGS driver: nvdajp ticket 30942

4553. By Tomohiro<email address hidden> on 2013-03-09

pending merges:
  Takuya Nishimoto 2013-03-09 updated English document for NVDAJP
    Takuya Nishimoto 2013-03-09 fixed document for Japanese version (nvd...

4552. By Tomohiro<email address hidden> on 2013-03-07

pending merges:
  Takuya Nishimoto 2013-03-07 work around nvdajp ticket 29851: speak when ...

4551. By Tomohiro<email address hidden> on 2013-03-07

pending merges:
  Takuya Nishimoto 2013-03-07 work around nvdajp ticket 29493
    Takuya Nishimoto 2013-03-07 removed obsolete option
    Takuya Nishimoto 2013-03-07 removed duplicated items
    Takuya Nishimoto 2013-03-07 document update: nvdajp ticket 30708

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