Last commit made on 2015-12-18
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abb3465... by Auria

First attempt at animating the sun, doesn't work yet

12e4c76... by Benau <email address hidden>

Add minimap for battle mode when it has a navigation mesh

TODO: update battle island arena to use only 4 vertices per poly

e606892... by Dawid Gan

Give more light in kart selection screen

153fabb... by Dawid Gan

Fixed a crash on start with legacy pipeline

bddfa43... by Dawid Gan

One more tweak.

glGetFramebufferAttachmentParameteriv function is available in OpenGL 3.0 and newer.

5f46863... by Dawid Gan

Display pop-up message when fatal error occured on windows.
The reason to do it is that in release mode we don't receive any message in console. This causes that the game sometimes doesn't start and you have no idea why (for example missing supertuxkart.git file etc.).

4531b15... by Dawid Gan

Check for sRGB workaround only if needed.
This fixes the crash for old OpenGL 2.1 drivers

e77dbf3... by Dawid Gan

Totally remove wiiuse hack for mingw.
It breaks versions with proper header file due to redeclaration error.
You should simply use current 4.9 version or 5.0 and newer for wiimote support.

0dbc357... by Dawid Gan

Fixed mingw compilation

9d1c9fa... by Benau <email address hidden>

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into i18n