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59. By Stéphane Graber on 2014-01-08

Enable all controllers in logind.

58. By Martin Pitt on 2013-11-13

* Add pam-check-runtime-dir-user.patch: Don't set an existing
  $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR in the PAM module if it isn't owned by the session user.
  Otherwise su sessions get a runtime dir from a different user which leads
  to either permission errors or scribbling over the other user's files.
  (LP: #1197395)
* Update debian/extra/60-keyboard.hwdb from current upstream trunk:
  - Fix Lenovo Z370 (LP: #1245189)

57. By Martin Pitt on 2013-11-11

Remove Debian's customized 80-drivers.rules, use (patched) upstream's as
we always did.

56. By Martin Pitt on 2013-11-11

Remove Debian's customized persistent storage rules, use upstream's as we
always used to do.

55. By Martin Pitt on 2013-11-07

Re-add login-monitor-no-machine.patch to quilt series.

54. By Martin Pitt on 2013-11-07

* debian/udev.install: Drop duplicate installation of net generator, reduces
  Debian delta.
* Drop debian/extra/firmware.agent and its invocation in 80-drivers.rules;
  we do not install this anyway, firmware is loaded by the udev builtin (and
  the kernel).
* 0020-persistent-storage-rule-mmc-partname.patch: Create symlinks for MMC
  partitions with a "PARTNAME" property (Android specific patch) in
  /dev/disks/by-partlabel/ for consistency with GUID partitions, not in
* Add magically generated debian patches from the source package
  (v204..upstream-fixes_204-5 and debian-changes), and drop our patches
  which are contained in that:
  - 0000-upstream-CVE-2013-4327.patch
  - 0010-Add-back-support-for-Debian-specific-config-files.patch
  - 0012-Make-logind-hostnamed-localed-timedated-D-Bus-activa.patch
  - 0017-Clean-up-empty-sessions-when-not-running-under-syste.patch
  - 0024-hwdb-in-lib.patch
  - 0030-revert-removal-of-rename_netif-functionality.patch
* Drop prefix from our remaining patches, and sort quilt series into
* Drop "Breaks: consolekit (<< 0.4.6-1)" (slipped in with the merge), we
  don't depend on consolekit providing udev-acl as we only support logind's

53. By Martin Pitt on 2013-11-06

* Merge packaging with current Debian unstable, to greatly reduce the diff
  noise. Ubuntu changes:
  Permanently Ubuntu specific:
  - debian/control, debian/rules, debian/systemd.install,
    debian/systemd-services.install: Split out systemd-services package with
    logind, timedated, hostnamed, and localed. Add
    libpam-systemd.systemd-logind.upstart to bring up logind at boot.
  - debian/rules: Don't build systemd and systemd-sysv packages, not
    approved for universe for now.
  - debian/udev.templates, Drop debconfiscation of udev, not necessary for
  - debian/extra/initramfs.top: Drop $ROOTDELAY, we do that in a more
    sensible way with wait-for-root. (Will get applicable to Debian once
    Debian gets wait-for-root in initramfs-tools.)
  - Add debian/extra/rules/78-graphics-card.rules: Mark graphics devices as
    PRIMARY_DEVICE_FOR_DISPLAY so that we can wait for those in plymouth.
  - Drop debian/extra/{50-udev-default.rules,75-cd-aliases-generator.rules,
    80-networking.rules,91-permissions.rules}, we don't want these in
  - Add debian/extra/udev.py: Apport hook.
  - debian/extra/udev.startup, debian/rules: Don't install/support
    /etc/udev/links.conf, that's a hack (if you want links, create udev
  - Various debian/patches/*, see patch headers (unmergeable with Debian).
  - Drop debian/source/{git-patches,options}, we use proper patches.
  - debian/rules: We continue to use the old net iface naming schema for the
    time being. Install old udev rule generator in debian/udev.install.
    (Reconsider post-LTS)
  - debian/rules: Don't install init.d scripts, only the upstart jobs.
  - debian/rules: Add an epoch to libgudev.
  - Drop debian/udev.dirs, not necessary.
  - Drop debian/udev.NEWS, debian/udev.maintscript: Not applicable to
  - debian/udev.{postinst,postrm,preinst,prerm}: Keep our much simpler
    versions (all platforms must support udev, no debconf).
  - debian/libgudev-1.0-0.install: Install into /lib/ (Debian has a patch
    for this to go into /usr/lib/).
  - debian/rules: Drop doc dir symlinking. It creates havoc with dpkg
    upgrades, and we already have the automatic per-file symlinking.

  Applicable to Debian:
  - debian/control, debian/tests/: Add autopkgtest.
  - debian/extra/initramfs.hook, debian/udev.*{pre,post}inst: Divert udevadm
    to udevadm.upgrade during upgrades while udev is unconfigured.
  - Add debian/extra/60-keyboard.hwdb: Latest upstream keymaps, for easy
  - debian/extra/initramfs.bottom: If LVM is installed, settle udev,
    otherwise we get missing LV symlinks. (LP #1185394)
  - debian/extra/rules/75-persistent-net-generator.rules: Add Ravello
    systems (LP #1099278)
  - Add debian/extra/README-{etc,lib}-rules.d documentation, install into
  - debian/rules: Run tests during package build.
  - debian/udev.udev-finish.upstart: Fix path to tmp-rules,
    debian/extra/rule_generator.functions creates them in /run/udev/.
  - debian/udev.upstart: Fix path to udevd.
  - debian/shlibs.local: Drop libudev; this unnecessarily generates overly
    strict dependencies, and even wrong ones for our epoched libgudev.
  - debian/udev-udeb.install: Add 64-btrfs.rules and 75-probe_mtd.rules,
    they are potentially useful in a d-i environment.

  Will go away eventually:
  - Add debian/extra/rules/40-hyperv-hotadd.rules: Workaround for LP #1233466
  - Keep debian/extra/firmware.agent and rule in
    debian/extra/rules/80-drivers.rules until this has been tested to not be
    necessary under Ubuntu kernels any more.

  Upgrade fixes, keep until 14.04 LTS release:
  - debian/control: Conflicts/Replaces libpam-xdg-support.
  - debian/libpam-systemd.postinst: Trigger reboot notification for upgrade
    from < 204, due to changed cgroup layout.
  - debian/systemd-services.maintscript: Clean up obsolete
    /etc/init/systemd-logind.conf on upgrades.

* Promote "systemd | systemd-shim" to Depends. (LP: #1221809)
* 0000-upstream-hwdb-keyboard.patch: udev-builtin-keyboard: Fix large scan
  codes on 32 bit architectures. (side issue in LP #1247676)
* Drop systemd init specific Debian patches which we don't need in Ubuntu;
  The Debian package does not track proper patches any more, so it doesn't
  help us keeping the patches around for merging.

52. By Martin Pitt on 2013-10-17

Add 0031-ignore-omap-vsync.patch: Gross, but effective hack to ignore
VSYNC change uevents from omapfb, as they happen at each vsync and thus
keep waking up udevd (including rules processing), upstart, and other
parts of the system 60 times a second. (LP: #1234743)

51. By Martin Pitt on 2013-10-12

* Configure with --disable-silent-rules, as per request from Matthias.
* Add debian/extra/rules/40-hyperv-hotadd.rules: On Hyper-V VMs, bring new
  CPU and memory devices online as soon as they appear. This is not quite an
  ideal solution, but an unintrusive compromise for Saucy. (LP: #1233466)

50. By Adam Conrad on 2013-10-11

Mount devpts with the correct permissions to avoid needing pt_chown.

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