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df7ddeb... by Stewart Smith on 2018-05-19

Merge pull request #11 from natevc/patch-1

Fix issues with parallel make (Closes #10)

d8e2053... by Nate Vargas on 2018-05-13

Allow Travis-CI builds to strace
Add `sudo: required` to enable attaching to processes. (See travis-ci/travis-ci#9061)

96f8f0e... by Nate Vargas on 2018-05-13

Fix issues with parallel make (Closes #10)

Name files created by different tests uniquely so that multiple tests can be run in parallel without munging test results.

1e5ae05... by Laurynas Biveinis on 2017-08-24

Add support for macOS fcntl(F_FULLFSYNC) (closes #6)

On macOS, replace fcntl syscall, check if its called for F_FULLFSYNC,
and make it a no-op. Add a new test fcntltest.c, verify with dtruss
that F_FULLFSYNC does not happen.

At the same time add missing entries to .gitignore, and mark
sync_file_range as LIBEATMYDATA_API

[stewart: remove pthread_testcancel() in fctl() path, fcntl should already handle it]

6672fa7... by Stewart Smith on 2017-08-14

Merge pull request #4 from jwilk-forks/spelling

Fix typos

4cec3d0... by Stewart Smith on 2017-08-14

Merge pull request #5 from laurynas-biveinis/macos-fixes

Add/fix macOS support (closes #3)

cbac40c... by Laurynas Biveinis on 2017-08-08

Add/fix macOS support (closes #3)

This brings macOS support to the level of fully passing testsuite,
including verification with dtruss (an strace-like tool) that no *sync
syscalls are executed.

- macOS pthreads do not have pthread barriers. Add autoconf tests for
  pthread.h and pthread_barrier_t, and exclude test/tst-cancel4 from
  build if barriers are not present.
- macOS does not have open64 library function. Add autoconf test, and
  do not attempt to replace it if it does not exist.
- Extend ASSIGN_DLSYM_OR_DIE macro to print diagnostics to stderr in
  the case of dlsym failure.
- Factor out the macOS fdatasync declaration - where the function
  exists without a prototype - to a new header portability.h, fix its
  conditional compilation, include in all fdatasync-using files.
- Fix to work with macOS dynamic library preload scheme,
  add a new helper script to support it.

e05c363... by Jakub Wilk on 2017-08-02

Fix typos

00de90b... by Stewart Smith on 2017-02-07

Correctly return EBADF in the case of EBADF

This was causing an issue with the MySQL 5.7.17 unit tests.

Namely, the overridden libc functions weren't checking file descriptor
validity, and if a caller *expected* to fail with EBADF rather than return
success, the caller would be rather disappointed.

Reported-by: Yura Sorokin
Signed-off-by: Stewart Smith <email address hidden>

bb0bfc5... by Stewart Smith on 2017-02-07

Add test checking return code on invalid fd

Reported-by: Yura Sorokin
Signed-off-by: Stewart Smith <email address hidden>