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59796fd... by Andreas Jaeger

Rename pep8 to linters

Rename pep8 tox environment to linters to make it clear that other lint
like environments can be added here.

Change-Id: I85c7c9bf0c4328243b5fd1dbe6163d6a784e5353
Depends-On: I4219fdf75d7c82d957c7a01df13e6a96aaa653fd

0e03c7b... by changzhi

Upload steth doc

Basic setup for documentation.

The infra jobs call this as:
tox -evenv -- python build_sphinx
Therefore add venv as tox.ini environment as well.
Add sphinx as requirement to test-requirement so that docs can be build.

Change-Id: Idbbc0406d438e7be24cdbde59cac5a5229318d92

aaed6b5... by changzhi

Add unit test for steth and add requirements

Change-Id: Ib4d48e4e9fac453ff78ba1c2f154496e54edc279

dc32af2... by yaowei <email address hidden>

Change all name and path from stetho to steth

Since project name has changed to steth, name and path should be changed

Change-Id: I83590ec90e1c3f4fac1faa3b842a9079b248488d

dcba681... by Jenkins <email address hidden>

Merge "Fix pep8"

47f4cce... by changzhi

Fix pep8

Change-Id: I630c43b1b73025f9d22e82456e15fe15f70a4c78

a48e9a8... by Jenkins <email address hidden>

Merge "Remove travis ci config and status"

e15db45... by Wei Wang

Remove travis ci config and status

Since we will move to OpenStack CI system, travis will be

Change-Id: Id1903137fc9d3267176984955c3692328d4aaf27

b78b7e2... by Andreas Jaeger

Add .gitreview

Add the usual .gitreview file so that the documented OpenStack workflow

Change-Id: I0c0235a1f7d5e2ece5d8b296e3ec514c6a8db649

a4c4d2e... by changzhi

Upload tox and fix pep8

Change-Id: I897b7dc1da11221f8a19459982aeae3edc41f643