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95b572b... by Stephen Tiedemann

increment patch number to 0.11.1

fe64cc9... by Stephen Tiedemann

Protecting NTAG21x or Ultralight-C tag failed in final authentication

8f31ed6... by Stephen Tiedemann

get updates from master - they're all just about the transisition to github

056fe71... by Stephen Tiedemann

nfcpy release version 0.11.0

803f40c... by Stephen Tiedemann

do passive sense for data exchange target also in 212F for phones that use 106A exclusively for card emulation

6366ba6... by Stephen Tiedemann

treat tty device path as complete (non-globbed) only if also driver is specified (ex. for 'tty:USB0:acr122' raise IOError but not for 'tty:USB0'

c70ee63... by Stephen Tiedemann

bugfix: acr122 driver still used sense_dep with the obsolete passive_target parameter

9591d7e... by "<email address hidden>" <>

bugfix: set tag._target attribute when a clf.sense was needed during communication with a type 2 tag and raise 'unrecoverable timeout error' when tag.transceive is called after a lost target

28b2a3e... by "<email address hidden>" <>

class TestError was changed to TestFail, replaced remaining occurences

f1942d1... by "<email address hidden>" <>

added for future releases to the Python Package Index