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59e0c1b... by Alexander Wolf

Add duration of year and add context for names of seasons

16ac6a0... by Alexander Wolf

Seasons widget is finished

2577c21... by "Alexander V. Wolf" <email address hidden>

Add minimal code for specific time dialog

312d089... by "Alexander V. Wolf" <email address hidden>

add minimal code for seasons widget

2a5166c... by Alexander Wolf

Add seasons widget

846ef0e... by Alexander Wolf

Fix couple stupid issues

b5b38de... by gzotti

Enable sound output for Qt6 builds
- OGG/Vorbis does not play on Windows, though!

9d9d9eb... by gzotti

Replace Flag properties by int properties (Fix #2579)
- restores working RemoteControl GUI with Qt6

f37e0d3... by Alexander Wolf

Fix titles for AstroCalc/Graphs tool:

- The code for obtaining the name of selected object moved into separate method
- Added object type info into title
- Updated title for AstroCalc/Graphs/Lunar Elongation
- Fixed translation the graphs data when language is changed
- The title is unified between all graphs (except AstroCalc/Graphs/Graphs)

f1c2c10... by Alexander Wolf

Fix scaling right axes on graphs (fix #2578, #2582)