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8cc1565... by Alexander Wolf

Hotfix for bug #2799

c85aa79... by Ruslan

Rename vectors methods length and lengthSquared into norm and normSquared

When porting C++ code to GLSL the length() method can lead to hard to
diagnose bugs, because this method in GLSL returns number of elements of
a vector, while we supposed to get the norm of the vector. This patch
renames the length() method of all VecMath's vectors, and for
consistency also lengthSquared(), to say norm instead of length.

The old names are explicitly marked as deleted so that those who write
new code don't get surprised by unavailability of these functions.

e8a3419... by Alexander Wolf

Let's start v1.1+

c5ea37a... by Alexander Wolf

Fix link to the latest Stellarium User Guide

c032fe4... by Alexander Wolf

Fixed setting versions of packages in Windows

d836506... by Alexander Wolf

[CI] obvious fix

e053156... by Alexander Wolf

[CI] Update AppVeyor rules

8879eae... by Alexander Wolf

[v1.1] Release

3130dfd... by Alexander Wolf

Switch to use ShowMySky v0.2.1

be52ec2... by "transifex-integration[bot]" <43880903+transifex-integration[bot]>

Apply translations in ne

translation completed for the source file '/po/stellarium-desktop/stellarium-desktop.pot'
on the 'ne' language.