Last commit made on 2022-10-22
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29f96ab... by gzotti

Qt5/6 updates

3fdf9a3... by gzotti

Rebased and runs "somewhat" again.
- crashes on second run
- preview fontsize smaller than print fontsize

dcc7191... by gzotti

Rebase from pre-0.21.2. Compiles but crashes on calling the print function.

dd106a0... by gzotti

Add a footer (does not work yet)
Currently super fragile and crashes. Better "amend" next commit.

398df82... by gzotti

re-enable debug output

a59fc57... by gzotti

List twilight times

24b3a97... by gzotti

Use RTS time function, allow circumpolar objects.

78a5827... by gzotti

A few more fixes
- Exclude comets far from perihel
- A little GUI improvement

e0980c1... by gzotti

A few more options
- limit magnitudes
- selected object info (switch only. printing TBD)
and a few minor style corrections.
Marked (FIXME) places for the next improvements.

049f9a8... by Alexander Wolf

Obvious fixes and code cleanup