Last commit made on 2021-03-08
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fc3f1ec... by gzotti

Fix LGTM issues

b06c897... by gzotti

Add even more trackable values...
switch handling still not complete yet.

1ee1e04... by gzotti

Improve Finder specs
- also simplify mappings in other instrument classes

ece5b96... by gzotti

Fix a few simple errors

402aaa1... by gzotti

Add finder class.
- begin of restructuring
- runs, but Finder does nothing.
- need to move isBinocular() functionality from Ocular to Finder
- certainly many mode switching details unfinished

e3e94db... by gzotti

Typofix and declared slot

b55b1d4... by gzotti


c0a94e2... by gzotti

First cleanup

b2601a6... by gzotti

Introduce a 4-value pluginMode property
- better understandable mode switching
- no more entangled side effects
- cleanup not finished yet

25b8d66... by gzotti

Fix crash at exit (Fix of #1479)