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cfeaaf2... by Guillaume Chereau

Fix orbit colors

Thanks for Alexander for the patch.

777c364... by Guillaume Chereau

Fix planet orbit when we zoom in close

We have to use the last time used in the update method, since it might
differ from the current time because of the light speed correction.

f2db6cf... by Guillaume Chereau

Attempt to support depth buffer on the orbit paths

This might break the rendering of planet rings in some cases. We need
to test this.

5f8f1cf... by Guillaume Chereau

Remove Planet::computePositionWithoutOrbits method

We don't need it anymore, since the orbit positions are computed only in
the render function.

3ed7152... by Guillaume Chereau

Fix a bug in planet orbits rendering

The rendering function overrides a few attributes, we need to backup and
restore them.

It would be nicer if we could compute the position of a planet at any
time without side effect.

754876d... by Guillaume Chereau

Try to improve orbit lines

At the cost of performances! I think we will still need to adjust the
parameters to find the right balance, or optimize the code more.

ac8726b... by Guillaume Chereau

Improve performances of planet orbits rendering

When we split the parametric path function in segments, we try to be
clever about when we can assume all the points in an interval will be
invisible. In that case we just stop the iteration.

There might be some cases where this does not work very well.

f3a4f40... by Guillaume Chereau

StelPainter: minor change

e031198... by Guillaume Chereau

Fix planet orbits for fast moving planets

In that case we need to make sure the position cache error is smaller.
I think an other way would be to interpolate the values, but I am afraid
that might make the code slower.

eabb14f... by Guillaume Chereau

Use a position cache for orbit position

It is based on a QMap (Qt implementation of red/black tree). That way
we can relatively quickly find the nearest cached position for a given

The get method of the PosCache class uses a dt argument to allow en error
range in the returned value. For the moment I statically set the error
range used to one hour. I guess we could make this smaller without
changing the performance much.