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9528e13... by Guillaume Chereau

Always enable depth buffer test when rendering the solar system

This makes the orbit lines properly pass behind the planets. However, this
might introduce some other bugs, and maybe performance penalty. I haven't
tested much.

0457e3e... by Alexander Wolf

enable search asteroids/comets through press Enter key (Solar System Editor plugin)

8b6264e... by Alexander Wolf

Fixed position of 'cursor of the selection' after orbit update

92c168c... by pjw

When a new 'Planet' is given, the parameter for the duration should not be ignored.

978d074... by Alexander Wolf

updates in unit tests

f461f15... by Alexander Wolf

updates in unit tests

7dc9f01... by gzotti


7a86905... by Alexander Wolf

update unit test for DeltaT

5c6afae... by gzotti

fixed sign error in a deltaT sub-expression (1961-86)

ad6aa17... by Alexander Wolf

Let's make more clear description of the fields for the binoculars