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9cb4b5a... by gzotti

More accurate solution for planet diameter

567ecc9... by gzotti

Attempt to filter away occulted stars.
- does not work properly: tessellated Moon sphere is often smaller than its computed radius!

b3b8a85... by gzotti


8ea9ce5... by gzotti

Small optimisation for stellar aberration

069ea4c... by gzotti

Add projection to float position

9a46bfc... by alex <email address hidden>

sat plugin: also search descriptions (#1940)

4d52c0b... by gzotti

- Add override declarations
- Reduce casting warnings
- simplify strings

27056b5... by gzotti


8c0ca62... by Alexander Wolf

Extract new lines for translation + cosmetic fix for unit tests

b9862ef... by Alexander Wolf

Added support HTC 2.0 theory (#1942)

Positions (in astronomical unit) and velocities (in astronomical unit per day) of Helene, Telesto, and Calypso (Lagrangian satellites of Dione and Tethys in Saturn's system) referred to the center of Saturn and to the mean ecliptic and mean equinox of J2000. From: "An upgraded theory for Helene, Telesto, and Calypso", Oberti P., Vienne A., 2002, A&A

Co-authored-by: Georg Zotti <email address hidden>